Full Moon Party – documentary about travellers to Thailand & Ko Phangan parties.

By | November 28, 2013

Full Moon Party – documentary about travellers to Thailand & Ko Phangan parties.

full moon party

23 thoughts on “Full Moon Party – documentary about travellers to Thailand & Ko Phangan parties.

  1. Baan manali resort

    i v been working in phangan for the last 10 year. this document is older
    than this.. true for this period. but now it is expire..

  2. Mark Hewlett

    Dave Matthews , u sound like a right little tart bitching at that fella !!
    you sound like you have a chip on your shoulder , and sound more like the
    one that thinks they know it all. go and have a wank to relieve some
    tension !! excuse my while I go do my hair lol ! is that ok !!!!!

  3. jimmy hendrix

    nowadays khasan road is much developed and clean than what it was in
    1997.by then khasan road was armpit of bangkok full of
    junkies,whores,thieves and shity guest houses.and the girl stayed there for
    8 months!!thais call backpackers of such kind “farang kee nog”means
    Birdshit foreigners!

  4. fododude

    They could have done with a lot less of “stoner dude.” Boring.

  5. longboard689

    we are giving a good name, a name where we are loose as fuck….

  6. Arthur Sid

    Those stones in the ocean are so much more interesting than these morons.
    “freedom just around the corner to you but with truth so far off what good
    will it do” from “Jokerman” by Bob Dylan

  7. djguy100

    Ha ha ha. I bet he got a shock when he took the bar owner home. He wanted
    new experiences, he got it. Ha ha ha. LADYBOY!

  8. zcarenow

    does anyone see how thailand is very strict about drug dealing and usage,
    yet these party goers are able to easily get drugs? sounds like a setup to
    me…not to excuse these stupid partygoers for using drugs in the first
    place, but drugs seem to be so easily accessible

  9. Nate Elliott

    23 year old philosophy grad….. that right there set the tone for this
    documentary. My god I hope trust fund philosophy students arent really our

  10. Sirinuch Meesubsang

    The age we are living now is call Kali yoga. It is the Ocean of sinful
    activities nasties and violences . They busy doing all nonsense . People do
    killing animals , without mercy. Totally irresponsible for himself and for
    the world. The only way to get out from all these bad qualities is chanting
    the Holy name of Lord Krishna . Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna
    Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

  11. MagicFanMan

    What a shit hole. The modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

  12. AttentionJunkie

    When was this made? The Baht is not low right now

  13. AttentionJunkie

    He actually knew and he went with her anyway, which makes it all the more
    disturbing. If I ever go to Southeast Asia I’m staying the hell away from
    the white people traveling there.

  14. spycrow lye

    I’ve spent most of my life avoiding wankers like those in the first two
    minutes of this film.

  15. TheNj400

    He likes it up the ass 100% then goes on t.v. Cool mate.

  16. EWt5lg5alQWLqPViO9vk

    Thailand has changed a lot since this was made.

  17. Natalye Jackson

    These kids need to find themselves, hopefully they have by now…

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