Full Moon Party 2013 – Koh Phangan, Thailand – AMAZING!

By | November 29, 2013

720hd – An Amazing Party Presented by: http://www.12WeeksinThailand.com – Voted the Best Party on Earth by Maxim Magazine, party goers from all around the wo…

full moon party

5 thoughts on “Full Moon Party 2013 – Koh Phangan, Thailand – AMAZING!

  1. Travis Fairman

    girls at 1:35 are so hot… lol nice party man

  2. MetaStockTools

    Full Moon Party 2013 Amazing? Pfff… clueless fat chicks, uncool wasted
    yobos pissing and defecating on the beach – that’s FMP 2013. Full Moon
    Parties 1980’s-2000 – these were amazing.

  3. Reg B.

    great video Johnny FD top marks. Theres a lot of FM party video crap out

  4. Alan Walmsley

    Your comment made me laugh as its true ha but do need to ask, what were the
    difference between FMP back in them days to the ones today?

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