Free massages at the women’s jail

By | July 4, 2013

Did you recently have a notice that free massage’s were being offered as a training program at the local woman’s jail in Chiang Mai? I can’t find the notice but friends have told me that this was in the Chiang Mai news. Thanks, Jerry

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Free massages at the women’s jail

Chiang Mai Women’s Prison
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Jerry

Many thanks for making contact & your question…..I have not received details of Chiang Mai Women’s Prison offering free massages, they were already very reasonably priced at just 180thb!. For those not sure what we are talking about, get yourself along to the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison which is located in the old city on Th Rathwithi, open 8.30am to 4.30pm daily.