Finding FREE Traffic Tips

By | January 8, 2014

Finding FREE Traffic Tips

“Now Where Can I Find Some More Green Apples!”

Ok, you have got creative unique content underway, you understand & are developing both internal & external linking, “but what about finding more traffic & particularly FREE traffic tips” I hear you say!.

Finding FREE traffic tips is actually much easier than you think it might be, the main places that completely FREE traffic can be obtained from are as follows:
* Article Directories
* Newsletters & Ezines
* Blog Posting
* Travel Forums
* RSS Feeds
* Social Media
* Video & Photos
* Press Releases
* Viral Marketing
* Free Gadgets & Widgets

Finding FREE Traffic Tips

“Now I Have a Plan!”

Article Directories:
Writing unique high quality articles & submitting them to an article directory is a great method to create interest & attract free traffic tips to you site, it’s also completely FREE!.

How the system works with the article directories is as follows, you create interesting articles that you then submit to the article directories, complete with authors bio containing links back to your site. Articles submitted are then available freely for use throughout all forms of media, be it other websites, blogs, forums, news channels etc, the main criteria being that the articles must not be changed in any way, including the links.

So the principle of this excellent method is that you can get both good reader numbers at the directories leading to website visits as well as extrawebsite visitors & incoming links from wherever your article is published on the internet.

The main downside is that there are literally 1,000’s of article directories on the internet, and it does not pay to publish EXACTLY the same article across lots of different directories.

The directories we would recommend you use which we have found are high quality,excellent Google & Alexa Ranked & had best results from are EzineArticles Articles Base & ArticleDashboard .There are lots of others, but these are an excellent starting point. If you want to choose your own directories to start with the Top 50 Article Directories by traffic & rank is a great place to start your search.

Having decided you want to harness the FREE power of the article directories, and you decide to submit to multiple articles, I would recommend an excellent piece of software we use called Article Spinner you simply cut & paste your original article into the screen, decide on how many variations of the article you want & spin it!!.

Just be aware that the more you spin an article the less original it is, and it can get to a point whereby it is less logical to the human eye than it is to the search engine spiders!.

Finding FREE Traffic Tips

Newsletters & Ezines:
Literally 1,000’s of websites either weekly or monthly send out updates, news & general interest articles in the form of either newsletters or ezines to their avid reader/fan base.

It’s a great way to get the news out, obtain increased traffic and an incredible source of incoming links to your site.

What people are looking for are articles of 300-500 words explaining “How To” fix this, do that, find any easier way or just generally highly informative information.

The recipients to your newsletter/ezine are typically parents, senior citizens & professional people, they have keen interests & typically are not your standard “surfer”, they are also very keen to share their knowledge with friends & family, so they are a fantastic source for “seeding” information & spreading the word (& popularity) of your site.

The articles you feature in your newsletter/ezine should be specifically written for your target audience, that way they will spread your message all the faster.

Blog Posting:
If you haven’t built a blog yet, what are you waiting for?, besides “Social Media” they are the very BEST place for finding FREE traffic & links. The popularity of blogging is exploding in a way that could never have been anticipated just a couple of years ago, as reported on one of our other SEO tips pages Google reported 2.2 MILLION brand new blog registrations in July 2009 alone!!, it’s huge, people are starting to even blog more than chat on the mobile phone, it’s that popular.

Blogs are very similar to traditional websites except that they are “dynamic”, and designed to be regularly updated whereas to continually update a website I can vouch for what a pain in the arse it can be, which is why “timeless content” as discussed previously is so important.

Tip: When writing for your own blog make sure you add at least one but preferably two “in-context links” into each article, so that you can tempt the reader to stay longer, checking out other blog posts you have made & become hooked on your information.

The real win,win with blogs is that they are easily readable, & when presented professionally attract readers who cannot wait to comment to you about your posts & TELL OTHERS, they can be likened to “bees around a honeypot” they really can!.

We currently get around 1,000 NEW visitors a month visit our blogs, and due to the heavy “integration” we have implemented, a large percentage of them click through into our website, as I ensure there are always lots of inter-linking between the website & the blogs.

For you to extract maximum value from them, make sure you follow several of the more highly revered travel bloggers, make constructive positive comments about their postings, build credibility & before long you will notice that not only are you receiving visits from the main blogger, but also very healthy traffic from their followers. 

Travel Forums:
As mentioned on a previous page, I use travel forums merely for collecting information about what questions people are asking about & build new content webpages to match that demand.

I do see some traffic that visits our website from these forums, but compared to the effort of maintaining a credible prescence on them it is not really justified, as the forums tend to be very strict about what links you can post, so you have to rely upon the poster checking your profile & either contacting you directly or bookmarking your site from there.

Active participation, if you have the time & inclination is good for building your reputation as that of an expert in your niche, and could eventually lead to more links, but there are far BIGGER fish to fry, read on…..

RSS Feeds:
Really Simple Syndication is a great method for webmasters & bloggers to get their very best articles & news spread around a wide reader base very quickly.

The process begins when a webmaster wants to share information with other websites, the selected article is added to an RSS document that is then registered with an RSS publisher. The process requires the setting up of the RSS feed through a server with a database with descriptions of your contents & the ability to write script, but the ease of distribution of RSS feeds & the traffic & links they can bring far outweighs the initial setting up of the feed.

Finding FREE Traffic Tips

” Where Do I Begin!”

Social Media:
Wow, where do I begin, this IS THE PLACE TO BE if finding FREE traffic tips is your goal, the chances of you achieving this almost double daily.

Social media marketing is an outstanding method of promoting your articles, products or even yourself by making yourself known across several social bookmarking sites. The key concept of it however is not to directly generate income for your products but is to provide the “visibility” for your site to be able to monetize through it’s products, translated means “get the traffic, the profit will follow!”.

The biggest problem I see with this massive explosion is deciding “which horse to back” you have Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon,Yahoo Buzz, MySpace, Technorati, + new additional social media channels opening almost daily.

Currently most of our efforts go into generating traffic through Twitter from which we are getting 1,000+ UNIQUE visitors a week, but we are also starting to see visits from StumbleUpon, Facebook & Yahoo Buzz, where we have created profiles, but not actively managing them. I saw an article about Twitter just a week or so ago stating that by December 2009 it would have 50 million members, so currently we are only just seeing the tip of the iceberg, there is lots more to come!.

Tip: If you have the time & resource finding FREE traffic & incoming links in this sector is EASY. It’s all about sending and receiving small soundbites of information, usually containing a link to a page that you think the reader will find sufficiently interesting to read & then explore your site further.

If I had to decide today, given only a single channel for finding FREE traffic tips, I would without hesitation back Social Media, it’s very much in it’s infancy, but it’s potential is quite mind blowing!!.

Finding FREE Traffic Tips

“Remember Treat EVERY Photo & Video as Yet ANOTHER Incoming Link!”

Video & Photos:
Videos & photos are another excellent way for finding FREE traffic tips & particularly incoming links. If you are pretty handy with a video camera & can make interesting videos of a good standard based upon your travel niche, then upload them to both your site & YouTube allowing others to “share” your videos provides a incoming link for EVERY LOCATION that your video is uploaded to.

If enjoy making videos, then it’s both fun & productive, if like me it’s too much like hard work, then concentrate your efforts for finding FREE traffic elsewhere.

Photographs are basically the same story as videos, except for the fact that most photo-houses (Flickr etc) cannot control the copying of photos, so therefore the accreditation for those photos is usually lost, so it’s not a surefire way to increase traffic or links.

Tip: Please don’t forget to ALWAYS add ALT tags to all photos you add to your site, they count exactly the same value as a standard link, and can add really good numbers to your site visitors. 

Press Releases:
I won’t spend a lot of time on this one, the tradtional press release that went out just through the traditional media channels (newspapers,t.v. & radio)was pretty much in serious decline until along came the RSS feed which immediately gave it a new lease of life.

The method of releasing news & articles through this method holds merit if you are either famous or a “brand”, but for Joe Average unless you are prepared to use a paid service to get your releases done, don’t waste your time & effort.

I have tried a few times with brand new articles getting them syndicated, but the reader visits to our website did not justify the time it took to even load the articles up!!.

Viral Marketing:
Writing & distributing FREE reports & Ebooks that come with re-sell rights that allow readers to pass them on & on & on is ok, and you can add links into them so that you achieve incoming links back to your site or products, but at the end of the day – it’s a FREE giveaway!, I would sooner spend my time productively elsewhere.

Free Gadgets & Widgets:
I wish that I had the technical ability to build new bits of software gadgets, widgets & toolbars, because they are a brilliant method of finding FREE traffic as everyone that is installed by a user contains an incoming link!!, brilliant but this method is for the more talented “techies” than myself.