Finding an apartment in Bangkok

By | November 28, 2013 : I cover some of the issues that you will face when trying to find an apartment in Bangkok.


25 thoughts on “Finding an apartment in Bangkok

  1. eladbari

    Wow! very nicely made video. u put alot of effort into it, im sure :]

  2. Keeko78

    Excellent stuff. Useful thins. Might be useful in near future.

  3. Boneman131

    Fun and educational as always Tony! Well done.

  4. birdpoo01

    I frankly appreciate your time and effort for making this video and
    educating us all. Kob Kun Kub

  5. Michael LaPalme

    Sweet emotion, Nice way to pick an apartment. Looks like a great place!

  6. sk84gs

    HAHAHAH! i was seriously doubting your taste right up untill the last 30
    seconds there. LMAO

  7. Buka Zakaraia

    i also see the park plaza from my balconey. do you see the construction
    they are doing quite near it. its noisy


    Uh, I think I would take that last apartment too….LMAO!!

  9. DaOneOO

    So ur tip for finding an apartment in Bangkok is to settle for an apartment
    over ur budget because there is a cute girl living next door ? LOL

  10. john hirst bodybuilding

    “a little bit over your budget” lol you mean twice as much haha

  11. hypnosiscenter nyc

    Thanks … loved this video. I only went apartment shopping once, with a
    friend who was retiring from the U.S. To bangkok. That’s my dream. To leave
    NYC forever … I just don’t have the bucks … and Bangkok doesn’t have
    the jobs. But great video.

  12. SlideRiceFC

    LOL Perhaps I’ve just had good luck finding places but I loved the video
    anyhow. As soon as I saw the umm, outdoor kitchen in the first property I
    was waiting for a crack about a skylight and you didn’t fail to deliver.
    The school girls were cute and although meant to be funny it IS true. If
    you ask directions in Thailand they will always be happy to point you in a
    direction…just not necessarily one that will take you to where you want
    to be. Great vid. I’ll have to check out your others.

  13. Sam2lucky13

    wow great video. Do you know of a similar trustworthy service for Chiang

  14. TiT Channel

    This and THEM would be the “NOT THE WAY TO DO IT” lol… you could use our
    service so you wouldnt have to see an appartment or townhouse or condo or
    house without knowing EXACTLY how it looks and as well as a travel shoot of
    video from the local transportation to the home…… VERY good for finding
    a place in Thailand, just send us a message and we will make it all RIGHT

  15. Reeya Robkit

    I found this vdo is very useful. I’m Thai and work as international student
    co-ordinator which means I have to deal with their ‘apartment hunting’ at
    least twice a year (each last about 1 month, give or take). Being Thai
    doesn’t mean I can find apartment easier. Thanks Google earth that help me
    narrow places down (ruled out bad environment places) and estimate

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