Exploring Thai Food

By | August 8, 2013

by Eva de Jesus

Thai cuisines finest dishes start life here!

Thai cuisines finest dishes start life here!

Thai cuisine is known for being hot and spicy and for balancing the four basic flavors into each dish – sour, sweet, salty and bitter. However, incorporating bitterness into a dish is optional.

Thai cooking is widely considered to be a single cuisine, but there are actually notable differences depending on the region in Thailand that the dish originates from.

For example, whilst curries in the south are cooked with coconut milk and fresh turmeric, the north-east version will often include lime juice in their list of ingredients.

Thai Cuisine is actually divided into four distinct regions: North-EasternNorthern , Central & the Southern region.

Dishes in these regions are heavily influenced by the nearest neighboring country. North-eastern cooking, for example, is heavily influence by Laos.

If you have tried both Thai and Chinese food before you could probably say that there is a similarity between the two cuisines. That is because many popular dishes in Thailand actually originated from China

Thai food is popular for its extensive use of fresh herbs and spices like kaffir, lime leaves and Thai basil. A condiment called “Nam Pla”(fermented fish) is a strong-smelling fish sauce used in nearly every Thai dish. Shrimp paste, which is a mix of salt and ground shrimp, is also frequently used.

Many Thai dishes are flexible in their use of different kinds of meat. Kao Pad for example, which is Thai fried rice with nearly any kind of meat, is one of the common dishes. Pad Thai ,a pan-fried noodle with the basic ingredients and meat, is also a very popular dish. Red and green curries are also very popular.

As for beverages, Thai Iced Tea is very popular. This is made from strongly brewed Thai tea leaves and may include star anise, orange blossom water, crushed tamarind seed (or red and yellow food coloring), and possibly some other spices. The tea is sweetened with sugar & condensed milk and served chilled,although slightly addictive it has to be said due to the caffeine content in the tea leaves.

Like many other Asian countries, Thailand also has its roots & origins in it’s street food. Thai Street Food is sold by vendors in clusters of stalls, transforming major street corners into lively food bazaars.

Many are also mobile, peddling from one area to the next on motorcycles or tricycles with fixtures and instant kitchens.

Pad Thai is amongst one of the most popular street food dishes, along with “Som Tam”, another trendy Thai street food is a spicy salad made with shredded papaya, fried chicken served with rice cooked in chickenbroth, called “Khao Mun Gai Tod”, is also readily available. Other dishesfound on the streets include egg noodle soup with wonton, pork fried in basil, fried rice and many, many more.

Sampling Thai street food when in Thailand is not an option, it’s a MUST DO!. Not to do so will lessen your “Thai” encounter considerably.

Much like the country that it has originated from ,Thai food is an exciting mix of flavor & tastes that has something for everyone to enjoy.