Eating Thai Street Food — Selection, Price and Safety

By | November 29, 2013

Membership site now open: The most inexpensive and practical food to eat while living in Thailand would be the street food. The…

thai street food

21 thoughts on “Eating Thai Street Food — Selection, Price and Safety

  1. Dil-Domin├ę Jacobe Leonares

    Thanks for making this video! It makes me want to goto Thailand!

  2. Suteera Kaopong

    Bangkok is a very beautiful maga-city. We like it very much. And your video
    is okay. Thank you for your nice video.

  3. Adam Tracey

    i eat off the street carts often , and the food is fresh and some of the
    best food i have ever had,

  4. retirecheapjc

    I second that. Best food in Thailand. Last night had shelled baby clams in
    a chili sauce over rice. All for 50 Baht… awesome!!

  5. Khun Long Back

    JC, the Thai Tourism Board should be paying you a fee or have you on a
    stipend. If anyone had any doubts regarding visiting or retiring in
    Thailand, you videos are all one needs to become a believer! I love

  6. Max Power

    i want to learn how to cook like this with the same equipment. this is some
    of the best food out there. but it’s probably not very healthy to eat all
    of the time.

  7. Ankur Tipnis

    going 86 on the menu… havet herd 86 in a long time .. memories .. good
    info video mate ­čÖé

  8. jwm923

    LOL…and to think, me and my wife go to Wildfire and spend $125 for one
    meal. Ridiculous.

  9. Barami Snaeha

    You may not be able to live here being picky about street vendors because 8
    out of 10 times we (i’m thai) ended up counting on this trusty street
    vendors than restaurant and fast food chain. Unfortunately these type of
    eateries are harder and harder to find in some parts of Bangkok too much
    modernization scared away all these life savers vendors. Rattanakosin areas
    are pretty much intact and it’s where the best street food in the city can
    be found in this area!

  10. Barami Snaeha

    I loved kao soi I eat it every time I come up to my house in Chiang Mai
    during wintertime!

  11. vorevox

    If she was from NY, NJ, MA and CA she would have told you to fuck off or
    ‘what you looking at’ instead of smile and act human.

  12. highwayman187

    WOW that girl in the black & white top is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  13. Jason Wilson

    I just came from the Thai Wat LA .. 1 som tam . 1 sticky rice.. 2 bad fat
    pork on a stick ( they can’t BBQ them here ..rules ) .. $ 8 us = 240 thai

  14. SnowClover

    Hi there, I am curious, is it safe to drink the fruit shakes due to the ice
    they use? I have heard that a lot of street cards don’t use the filtered
    water and i’m not sure if that is true or not, same with washing dishes
    etc, people say you can get sick because of the water everything is washed
    in? sorry if I sound naive I just don’t want to get sick!

  15. retirecheapjc

    Even Thai people use bottled water. Ice is delivered to the shops and carts
    and the water now for the ice is all filtered. So it isn’t an issue. Water
    from the tap is used to wash dishes but you won’t get sick from that amount
    of trace left from the washing. The tap water isn’t that bad.

  16. jeruman

    went there several times, never got balls to eat from street, yet; it was
    mouth watering , what a loss ­čÖü

  17. kierono1984

    Where exactly is this? Is it Nong hoi Market?´╗┐

  18. shon

    when i was in chaing mai
    this was the best place to eat
    that had the food i like
    the other places had strange food
    a stay away from st food in thailand why
    i eat there all the time its no problem´╗┐

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