Do’s and Don’ts of Thailand (simplified)

By | December 5, 2013 by the way, I did the Philippine and the Indian accent just for fun, I’m no racist =) And I’…


25 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts of Thailand (simplified)

  1. effyval13

    2 and a half years, but I’ve heard about the country since i was a kid
    because my father grew up here =)

  2. Anna Vanity ☆

    Lolol I’m half Thai, and the thing you said about being loud is the
    complete opposite xD

  3. junejunejuniejune

    I’d say a big pet peeve for many Thais is modesty. My family don’t let me
    wear thin strapped tank tops, or anything shorter than my knees. Also it’s
    disrespectful to go to to holy places dressed immodest. I see so many
    foreigners going to wats with shorts and short dresses. Do NOT do that.
    Thais get annoyed with the sloppy and skimpily dressed. If they do, It’s
    like people go there to party, not to explore the culture. Remember we are
    a modest culture.

  4. Pongpanot Chottum

    Lovely girl ^^ Thanks for sharing. I will present your clip to my students
    to learn its content.

  5. effyval13

    Khap khun mak, sir =) I appreciate it. Say “hi” to your students for me ^_^

  6. Dante Peak

    I’m a afraid i may get lost in Thailand do they speak english? Thanks

  7. Kilr Debario

    stepping on a coin, thanks for pointing that out! when i let a coin fall i
    usualy step on it so it doesn’t fall in a drain or somewere. I guess its
    beter to loose a coin than to go in a thai jail xD

  8. Sasapong Chujinda

    Good job Krub. 🙂 If I haven’t read your comment below I would think you’re
    Thai. You really look like one!

  9. effyval13

    hehe.. thais can’t tell if we’re Filipinos unless they hear us talk or we
    tell them =) thanks na kha!

  10. Jan Ayn Lind Marcelo

    Are thai teenagers friendly? Or are they like filipinos when it comes to
    having a friend thing? I’m gonna study there next sem and I’m curious how
    should I present myself to thai at my age.

  11. effyval13

    Im pretty sure they’ll be thrilled to have a Filipino classmate. Learn a
    little bit of their language and they’ll appreciate you for that =)

  12. Neo Zion

    While i was having dinner in Bangkok at my Thai girlfriends home with her
    family her mother sat down beside me and i was happy to see her and grabbed
    her head pulled her toward me and kissed her cheek. I then dropped my fork
    on the floor beside her feet so i got down and retrieved the fork looking
    at mom’s feet. The family sat stunned with silence and jaws open in shock.
    Girlfriend pokes me with elbow..”Do not say another word.. just eat
    please”. The relationship ended after my 2 week visit.

  13. effyval13

    whooaah! so sorry to hear that.. hope my video would be helpful for your
    next visit here in Thailand. thanks for sharing your story! pretty funny,
    but really insightful hehe =)

  14. Mike Smith

    you not allowed to get angry in Thailand esp. if you are a Farang. I think
    that’s true for a lot of countries in Asia it isn’t just exclusive to
    Thailand. Public displays of affection should be hand holding at most. And
    Thai’s don’t want to discuss politics with outsiders. Yes it was refershing
    to see none of the baht notes were scribbled on like in America. They have
    a lot of respect and reverance for their King and all life in general. All
    life is sacred in Buddhism.

  15. Mike Smith

    not really at all, but there are tons of Westerners there who could
    probably help you if you need it

  16. Mike Smith

    drugs too even marijuana is a big no no and you’ll get a hefty fine IF

  17. effyval13

    Nice! Im pure Filipino. My father grew up here because my grandparents
    served as Christian missionaries here for almost 30 years =) nice to meet
    you, Sandra!

  18. effyval13

    I accidentally clicked on the “remove” button, but this comment by a Thai
    needs to be read by my fellow Filipinos: “Nice video, kindly pls teach
    lesson to your filipino fellowship in the Philippines? I’m Thai and living
    here in PH. I found that filipinos need a social manner and courtesy. It’s
    just like all filipinos are lack of social courtesy or were trained in
    school.” – @โกสินทร์ ประเสริฐศรี

  19. Muffin Try

    some thing your have said is true but many thing is wrong. Them can use
    feet do everything same to you, but them will not did that when we stay
    with older people. i think.
    They also can touch head but have to be only friends or sibling. they can
    step on coins also if it fall. im not complain you, but i would like to
    know why you do not talk about your country? What should and should not do
    in your country. why did you talk about Thailand?
    BUT U DONE GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!! =) i’m so sorry for my english,because it’s
    terrible. i’m just 14 years old =P i want to know about your country also

  20. Steven Telck

    Well done, thoughtful, accurate and down right funny. Made me giggle a
    lot as I watched your presentation.


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