Dont Drive Here – S01E02 – Bangkok

By | November 28, 2013

Andrew is in Bangkok this week were he has a daring lesson on how to really move across the city.


22 thoughts on “Dont Drive Here – S01E02 – Bangkok

  1. susan nami

    the best is when the driver turns around and talks to you about football

  2. Stplaya08

    This guy is a pus*y! I live in Bangkok, drive a motorbike, and it’s not as
    sloppy as he makes it look. Yes, the drivers can a bit crazy at times, but
    cars are aware of motorbikes on the road and are much more experienced to
    drive around them than western worlds.

  3. sgpsimonb

    he’s new here – don’t tell us that you were blasé to the mahem from day 1…

  4. Nguyen Tu

    you should visit Vietnam, it is much more crazy than that.

  5. Ben Evolent

    What a wus. Lane-splitting is perfectly legal in California, parts of
    Europe and Japan.

  6. jpazizile

    He should do Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon. Just like Bangkok

  7. andrewkesson

    there is no driving culture, if you kill someone you pay the police to say
    it was there fault, it is the worst educated drivers in the world this is
    proven by the statistics

  8. parlacapo

    Thailand is a interesting country that I want to visit in the future.

  9. Jay Pleski

    Really, if you travel to Asia and intend to take motorbike taxis, pack your
    own helmet. Pillion passengers shouldn’t grip the bike from the back bar,
    it destabilises the bike and offers no protection if you fall.

  10. suwei yanying

    That’s really big problem. Very sorry to have wasted your time. He makes me
    laugh.What can I do for you? Welcome to Bangkok in Thailand. Thank you,I
    love you

  11. wishen4fishen2

    Yep that’s Bangkok alright,saw so many close calls and bad accidents there
    and if your a tourist “falang” you will be the one who pays all the bills
    wether it was your fault or not but it is one fun place.

  12. samzz07

    I’m from manila and when i went to bangkok for a week, i noticed how
    drivers don’t blow their horns a lot. Nearly got into an accident because
    of that. I mean, what’s up with that? Is it considered impolite or is it
    just a buddhist thing? 

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