DNP Raid Elephant Nature Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

By | November 29, 2013

The Elephant Nature Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand) was raided today by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP). They are claimin…

chiang mai

25 thoughts on “DNP Raid Elephant Nature Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

  1. pelotedelaine77

    Wonderful, it’s better for me in english………..thank you to think
    us………..the elephant who came, understood that you defend her and
    family,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot to all who particpate and help Lek. I watched
    on youtube no arretation no confiscation……….Please Lek buy glasses to
    DNP they will see there are no stollen elephants on the park. When I saw
    what they did at WFFT, I was so afraid…………DNP is stubborn as a mule
    and CRUEL. Where are animals confiscated ? AnniefromFrance

  2. merrywriter1

    Can someone please provide a full transcript of Lek’s account and post it
    on the Facebook PAGE (not the group where posts move all around)? This will
    be good for world wide media researching the story.

  3. ddoorr1

    Dear Lek You are a wonderful Lady and a outstanding lover of natural life
    have been at your park what can an outsider do to help You in a good and
    effective way

  4. laurieorman

    Lek, Cat and I love you and are with you in spirit! Never forget how many
    of us have spent time at the the park to see with our own eyes the truth,
    and the good that you are doing. Our hearts break at the thought of Jokia
    and the others being taken away, especially the poor babies. We are all
    watching, DNP!! Take care of yourself–we worry for you. Much love, Laurie

  5. catsajiko

    เค้าบอกมี 70 ตัวก็ 70 ตัวสิคะ จะบอกว่า 30 กว่าตัวได้ไงคะ เอาช้างตัวเล๊กๆ
    อีกเกือบ 40 ตัวไปซ่อนใช่มั้ยค๊า เอาออกมาเด๋วนี้นะคะ เอาไปซ่อนที่ไหน
    ในตู้กับข้าวใช่ป่ะคะ หรือเอาใส่ถุงหนีไปได้ในช่วงเวลาแค่ข้ามคืน?
    (เจ้าช้างน้อยอยากมีส่วนร่วม 555 น่ารักอ่ะ)

  6. Mouche Scots

    Love you LEK and all the care you give to defend our elephants and their
    nature . Mouche

  7. Elma1980

    Lek, you are such a strong woman. I deeply respect you and your crew. You
    are in my thoughts. As English is not my first language, is it maybe
    possible to put subtitles in this video? So her message will come across
    more clear

  8. Shannon Gallagher

    Please keep us updated with any action we can take to support you & ENP

  9. CatpurrRobertaBobbi

    She has been in the media and her story is well known. The elephants have
    papers and there are papers for the land? It sounds like a money grab Mafia
    style. She isnt new to elephant rescue. She has the law on her side and
    western support.

  10. villyleval

    We support you, Lek. Justice needs to be done for the humans and the
    animals. 🙁

  11. นัด มีชัยโย

    สรยุทธ์ ช่อง 3 คนที่ผมเคยยกย่อง ยังถูกอำนาจครอบงำเลย

  12. shiboof

    Thailand officials need to understand that to continue this unlawful
    harassment will result in less folk like me coming to their country. It
    WILL happen. Cut it out…leave LEK and WFFT alone.

  13. Vid Clarke

    Lek, If there is anything we could do to help please just ask. If we had
    the money we’d fly over tonight. All our love and support, Vid & Sarah
    Clarke x

  14. Teresa Meyers

    We love you Lek,.. Love, Matt & Teresa

  15. suteera

    What the heck. She has done everything to help Thai elephants. I am Thai
    and I am going to find out why this stupid thing is happening. It looks
    like these government officers just give her troubles.

  16. Wardzon

    This is outrageous! I am writing to my local member and the environment
    minister to get them to have a go at the Thai consulate. I am emailing the
    consulate directly too. DO THE SAME PEOPLE!! We’re on your side Lek and
    won’t let this continue!!

  17. suteera

    There are many sanctuary for elephants in Thailand. Lek’s nature park is
    one of them. Each one has its own way of improving lives of elephants. But
    there is not enough forrest for elephants. I guess government officers were
    concerned if elephants at Lek’s park were from jungle. All domestic
    elephants in Thailand have electronic tags. The government officers wanted
    to make sure that these elephants are not wild ones. It is illegal to
    domesticate wild elephants.

  18. smashedpretty

    i have to admit I get the giggles when the elephant starts trying to get
    Lek’s attention. That has to be Baby girl. I love Lek’s relationship with
    that elephant. It’s amazing. I would LOVE to be a mahout… I would love
    for women to have a chance at being mahouts 🙂

  19. pivasocampo

    People have been doing this for millions of years why aw of a sudden every
    ones wants to care of this situation so much.. she was under control when
    the elephant was rubbing on her .sum how it responded to her commands

  20. MySolo TravelVlog

    She is amazing! I cant wait to help out tomorow omg the elephant in the
    video made me laugh this is so emotional, the government think we are dumb
    we know your involved in elephant killings & torturing I KNOW

  21. Jasper Willows

    What the fuck are you talking about, under her control? Also if you are
    asking why people are caring for elephants now? it is because fuckn evil
    humans have been wiping out their habitat and there are hardly any left now.

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