Distances in Thailand

By | December 29, 2013

by Riccha
(Delhi, India)

Travel within Thailand is cheap and in plentiful supply!

Travel within Thailand is cheap and in plentiful supply!

I am on holiday in Thailand shortly and just want to get a feel for the travelling distances between some of the main tourist areas. If you could give me guide distances between the following places in kilometers it would be most appreciated.

1) plz tell me the distance between koh samui and hua hin, and the mode of travel

2) also plz provide me with the distance between
koh samui-phuket
phuket-hua hin
phuket- chang mai
koh samui- hua hin

Thank You

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Distances in Thailand

John – Koh Samui To Chiang Mai
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi John

Apologies, I appear to have deleted your question about moving from Koh Samui to Chiang Mai.

Your budget of 9,000thb/month is pretty low to get reasonable rented property, you could possibly find a small “condo” for that, we live around 8kms from the city & there are 3 bedroom rental houses here that start at around 15,000thb/month.

If you want to email me directly at kevin(dot)r(dot)butters(at)gmail(dot)com I can answer any questions much more easily for you.


Travel In Thailand
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Riccha

Many thanks for your visit to our website & subsequent questions, I found a really usefulwebsite called “Guide to Thailand” that actually provides you with guide distances between the provinces where the major tourist attractions are.

Because it is based upon provinces & not actual towns or cities you must allow a tolerance of +/- 25%, but its still a really usefulguide!.

Your requested distances are:
Koh Samui – Hua Hin 600kms (+2hr ferry journey)
Koh Samui – Phuket 300kms
Phuket – Hua Hin 650kms
Phuket – Chiang Mai 1,550kms

In terms of mode of transport buses are cheap & plentiful between all the places mentioned, you can fly directly between Phuket & Koh Samui & indirectly from both places to Chiang Mai.

There is also a train service from Surat Thani that serves both Phuket & Koh Samui which you can travel to Hua Hin on, or via Bangkok right up to Chiang Mai.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Website Administration