Dining Out in Chiang Mai

By | September 30, 2013

Dining Out in Chiang Mai

Thai Cuisine is known the world over for its exquisite mixture of herbs & spices that tingle the taste-buds and can lead even the most ardent followers to break out into a cold sweat !.

Eating is a national obsession to Thai’s, typically they will “graze” every couple of hours,on just a bowl of noodles, a small plate of Som Tam (papaya salad)or BBQ chicken each which makes an ideal “snack”.

The early evening’s are also an ideal time to catch up with fellow Thai’s,friends & family, relax & socialise, collectively sharing dishes & conversation at roadside eateries.

Chiang Mai is blessed with some of the finest selections of Local Thai , Asian & International cuisines available anywhere in Thailand!.

From traditional Thai Khan Tok Dinner in Lanna Style teak pavilions all the way down to local street food served at roadside, Chiang Mai is rich not only in heritage but also in places in eat – none of which will challenge the wallet or purse too heavily.

The majority of the local restaurants are located are:

* Along the banks of the River Ping both north & south of the Narrawat Bridge – quite a lively area after dark.

* On all the adjoining streets around the Night Bazaar.

* At Anusarn Market also located near the Night Bazaar.

* From Thapae Gate wandering around the old moat towards the Night Bazaar there are numerous eateries of differing international cuisines & lots of small local haunts.

Chiang Mai dining out is very much an extension of the general way of life of the city, it is typically laid back, relaxed & very friendly, it’s just that kind of city.

Authors Comment: With the arrival of the numerous 5* hotels & Western “food chains” located now throughout Chiang Mai you also have them as an additional option albeit I can never personally understand why people would travel from the other side of the world and want to sit down & eat the same things they eat at home every other week of the year – be adventurous Chiang Mai Thai food is delicious, go for it !!. 

Dining Out in Chiang Mai

Northern Thai Cuisine:
Northern Thai (Lanna) dishes are less influenced by central Thai cuisine and more by Burmese/Laos cuisine.

Popular with many northern Thai dishes, Khao Nieo or sticky rice is first soaked and then steamed in conical bamboo baskets, formed into small balls and eaten by hand.

Other favourite dishes are the speciality Chiang Mai sausage (Sai Ua), Nam Phrik Ong (a chilli paste accompaniment), Khao Soi (chicken/ pork /beef curry soup with egg noodles) & Kaeng Hang-Le(Northern-style pork curry).

Vegetables are also seen a lot in the dishes here as well because many northerners are involved in some form of agriculture, whether it be by traditional farming,or just by growing at a smallholding.

Chiang Mai Dining Out Maps
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