Digital Nomads, Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | December 1, 2013

Chiang Mai in Thailand has become an epicentre for Digital Nomads. Greg Goodman represents one of the many digital nomads who have made Chiang Mai their home…

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9 thoughts on “Digital Nomads, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. curiouslizard

    I’m really enjoying these videos, didn’t know there was such a large
    community of digital nomads. Love Thailand, spectacular country and
    absolutely lovely people.

  2. The World Is My Office

    *Why Chiang Mai, Thailand, is becoming a digital nomad Mecca.*

  3. BlackRain79Poker

    Nice video. I also work online and live in Chiang Mai. I should look into
    some of these facebook groups and meet some more of you!

  4. Dave Erin

    Chiang Mai is our favourite Digital Nomad Hotspot! Really cool!

  5. dragonbry

    I was in Thailand three months ago unfortunately we did not make it that
    far north.

  6. acajudi100

    do you put your stuff in storage, when living there?

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