High-Value Deep Links

By | November 16, 2012

Deep Links


“Provide readers high quality content and increaseYOUR page rank rapidly!”

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High-value, page-rank-increasing deep links are important to the success of EVERY website. Most Webmasters mistakenly adopt a policy of building reciprocal links with every website they can find, irrespective of the quality of link exchanged or it’s potential effect on their own site.

There is increasing evidence that leads us to believe this approach of “harvesting” weblink partners is futile!.

“Only quality links build page-rank. High-value, page-rank-increasing links come from relevant tier-2 and tier-3 pages with less than 5 outgoing links”.

Wat Doi Suthep - Mini-PhotoSearch Engines (SE’s) are known to devalue links from pages with over 5 links – that’s over 95% of all link exchange pages. It’s one of the reasons you find websites with as few as 6 high-value-links often outranking websites with over 100 random links.

What SE’s are looking for are serious recommendation FROM one website to another so…

Why waste time building links that fail to provide value to readers, or increased your page rank?.

Wat Doi Suthep - Mini-PhotoThere is an alternative……….

It’s been said that a single bona-fide deep link to a tier 2 or tier 3 page can make a good ranking difference to your site. Visit Chiang Mai Online offer Webmasters the opportunity to secure page-rank-increasing deep links with relative ease.

Here’s how……

Write a high quality article of 250-500 words – that offers ideas, tips, and hints about Travel & Vacation Planning that relates to the theme of YOUR site.

It’s REALLY that simple!

As a travel related website you must already have loads of great planning tips that you share with your travelers!,so there’s no need to conjure up some “long-winded” way to connect our sites together.

The article you write serves as “high-quality content” on our website, and you are rewarded with a “high-value deep link”.

We are also very happy to consider “article exchanges” with fellow travel website & blog owners, please use the “Contact Us” link below & send a brief outline of your site & it’s URL.


Outline for Your Deep Links Article
1. Your website must be either: travel related; offer insight in to customs, culture and food; touch on activities that a visitor might enjoy during, or as a result of their holiday travel; or offer advice about products and services that might enhance their vacation experience; 
2. The more the topic of your article focuses on Vacation & Planning as it relates to your site, the higher value SE’s award your link.

3. Write in your website URL where you would like it featured but do not use HTML, we will activate the link on approval;

4. Add a link to Visit-Chaing-Mai-Online.com on your website, from a T2 or T3 page that relates to vacation planning, which you guarantee won’t ever have more than 5 outgoing links.

We’ll review the article, and publish it with an active link. After we publish the page you may wish to redirect the link on your site to your newly published article on our site. This will increase the relevance of your link-out and score higher with the SEs.

Special Notes
Original Articles Only! Please don’t submit an article you may have previously submitted to another site. SE’s discount duplicate content, consequently the value of your link will be discounted.

Duplicate articles will be removed along with their link!.

Your article will receive comments from readers. The more relevant the article the better the comments will be, the more your article will stand out, and the better your link will be promoted.

Include at least one good colourful picture with your article, more if possible, always remember, pictures are content too, and this may be the first impression a reader has of your site.



Within a matter of minutes you will create more value for YOUR website than if you had added 20 traditional web-link exchanges!!.

This single, bona-fide, deep link will be seen and rewarded by the SE’s, AND appreciated by your readers!.

It’s simply an extension of YOUR OWN SITE.

If there are any questions or queries you have that remain un-answered please Contact Us.