Cost of Rental Chiang Mai – Small Studio Apartment $66 a Month

By | November 30, 2013

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25 thoughts on “Cost of Rental Chiang Mai – Small Studio Apartment $66 a Month

  1. jaymeez

    was there a shower? btw no kitchen? Im hoping there are 24 hour food stalls
    or cheap restaurants within walking distance. I’m very interested!

  2. retirecheapjc

    @jaymeez Not too many food stalls close by in the neighborhood. Due to the
    location you would probably want a motorbike anyway to get around.

  3. retirecheapjc

    @happymama26 Thanks a lot. may 2012 be a great year for you as well.

  4. retirecheapjc

    @jaymeez There is the management who uses the monthly fees. And from my
    experience it’s better if there is a foreigner deciding how to use the
    funds. Maintenance sometimes falls short if the funds don’t go to the right

  5. keenok100

    If you look around you can get a place almost EXACTLY like the place that’s
    shown, sans the glass blocks and updated washroom. You also have to contend
    with a squat toilet! But for 1000bt! its cheap! I kid u not! I spent a few
    days in such a place up country!

  6. keenok100

    @retirecheapjc Just be careful where u shoot! I knew a guy who would take
    his pants AND underwear off whnever using them! Knew this chick who would
    HOLD it until show could find a throne to sit on! LOL!


    @retirecheapjc That is one heck of a deal, can one find these deals on a
    regular basis?

  8. retirecheapjc

    @watertonrivers No, you have to keep your ears open and ask around.

  9. Stig Vinck

    @watertonrivers Hey there. We have some more condos coming up in the same
    block at similar prices. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
    Cheers Stig

  10. CircleOfPimps

    I have YET to see showers 🙁 Show me a shower please! Lol

  11. easygrowers

    Thanks alot , il buy you a cold one if i see you when i move down in
    sep/oct 🙂

  12. Abdulghani Abdo

    This is an amazing and affordable accomodation. I would estimate the value
    of this studio at $10,000, very cheap to buy, owning 10 of these units,
    would be a great investment, you live in one and rent the rest and create a
    steady stream on income.

  13. Clara Thai

    hello jc, love watching your videos – very informative! thank you!

  14. retirecheapjc

    Just google city life magazine chiang mai and you will get the Chiang Mai
    News dot com link.

  15. retirecheapjc

    These are privately owned units and this isn’t the building norm. I saw the
    owner recently and he has long term tenants in all his units. If there is
    an opening in any i will post back to you through a PM.

  16. Abe Hong

    long live our glorious leader jc. we love you. i give my life to you!!!

  17. Abe Hong

    what he ment my love long time means prostitution. 1000 a month on

  18. Craig Stroud

    Thanks for showing this, J.C., but it looks awful. I’d go insane living in
    a place like that. Ha ha!

  19. Trent Simons

    Hi JC I was in chiang mai in November , loved it. where do you live? what
    can you get a small house for 10 min out of town?

  20. phpeters87

    As long as it wasn’t noisy, I could kick it in a place like that once I put
    in a Fridge, Microwave, Stove or a Rice Cooker, Sink and some Furnishings.
    And A/C That and some cleaning and a little paint would make the place 100%
    better. In California, $66.00 will get you one night at Motel 6. This as an
    example of what people on a bare-bones budget ($500.00 per month) can get
    for their money. A place like that in SF or NYC would go for $1,000 per

  21. retirecheapjc

    This particular unit had just been remodeled. And A/C! I lived in a boat so
    for me these smaller units are no problem for me!!

  22. cr38961

    Awesome, but I’d be concerned about noise. At those prices it surely can’t
    be concrete floors and solid walls?

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