Cost of One Bedroom Apartment Rentals Chiang Mai

By | November 21, 2013

Membership site now open: Say you have a monthly income of between 0 – 00 a month. I call you all Cat 2 RIPpers. See my c…

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25 thoughts on “Cost of One Bedroom Apartment Rentals Chiang Mai

  1. retirecheapjc

    I have over 200 videos showing the opposite to be true. I have no idea what
    he is referring to as this has been taken out of context. So 200 videos or
    one comment. Like I said. Everybody has an opinion.

  2. retirecheapjc

    I think for one million US Dollars you could pick a lot of places besides
    Thailand!!! Maybe even stay home!!

  3. wishbone103

    Looks like I could live comfortably on $1200/mo. in Chiang Mai. In a few
    more years I will have more then that but for now I think the 1200 would
    work nicely. Do you agree? Thx in advance for your comment!

  4. retirecheapjc

    Yes, but where in Bangkok? That is like saying New York. I guarantee it
    will be very far from the BTS or MRT which is the only way you can get
    around Bangkok. If you know otherwise post a video here so we have more
    options for living in BKK.

  5. Dara Surathip

    Well ok then so what would be a average amount for a single guy living a
    average life in a average apartment. Seriously was my original question
    that hard to answer.

  6. 4daysupersale

    Btw I love your post you do a great job.. I think I will be doing this and
    setting up a phone consultation with you soon. I wanted to ask about one
    other subject (work) I’ve ran car dealerships and been in sales and
    advertising and probably could work over the phone in the US but is there
    work there for someone who cant speak Thai in sales.. I thought car or
    motorcycle dealers may need good english reps for the expats that would
    prefer that when buying big ticket items like the Spanish in Miami

  7. drevyl

    This is kind of an unusual question, but are most buildings/houses in
    Chiang Mai built with concrete or wood? Particularly the walls between

  8. retirecheapjc

    All the modern buildings have interior walls of block and concrete mortar.
    Quiet and secure.

  9. Ashwin Reddy

    Thanks for the info! I will be in Chiang Mai shortly.

  10. Ashwin Reddy

    Hey JC, mapsnmore is not working on firefox. Just thought I’d let you know.

  11. phpeters87

    Thanks for the great vids, JC. I’m a CAT 1.5’er as a plan to bank a few
    hundred dollars a month once I’m in SE Asia for vacations and emergencies,
    so I will be living the CAT 1 lifestyle. Unfortunately, I’m still a few
    years away from being able to make the move, but it’s never too early to do
    research. My original plan was the Phils, but Thailand has better Health
    Care which is a priority for me. I will also be subbing to your site a year
    or two before I move. Thnx again and keep ’em coming!

  12. phpeters87

    One more comment – on your housing vids, sometimes you don’t mention
    whether they are furnished or unfurnished. If possible, can you please
    include that info along with approx. utility costs? I know electric is
    expensive in SE Asia, especially for us farangs that need to run the A/C
    all the time, but a ballpark figure, if available, would be much
    appreciated. Thanks again and keep up the great work as it is much
    appreciated by us future SE Asia Expats.

  13. phpeters87

    Yeah, she’s a cutie. I’m gonna love Thailand!

  14. Jason Howard

    Hey JC…as you know, here in America, you need good credit, proof of
    income, background check, etc., in order to rent an apartment. What kinds
    of information and checks, if any, do they normally do there in Chiang Mai
    and in Thailand, in general, in order to rent an apartment/ condo? Thanks!

  15. retirecheapjc

    Copy of your passport and usually 2 months security deposit and the first
    months rent.

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