Cost of Living – Food in Thailand – Chiang Mai

By | December 5, 2013

Thinking about going to Thailand? Read to find out how cheap it can be for you to live the good life on the cheap in Thailan…

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9 thoughts on “Cost of Living – Food in Thailand – Chiang Mai

  1. SparksHealth

    Hi Johnny, these vids are great on living side of things, and tours of gyms
    etc. cheers

  2. Денис Шутка

    Thanks for sharing this place with us

  3. Rebecca Smith

    Love your videos! My family and I will be in CM in December for the winter,
    from USA!

  4. Brakathor

    I can’t honestly can’t be fucked about my living conditions. Every dollar
    more I spend on my accommodation is one dollar less spent on food in my
    eyes. The food is by far the main reason I came to Thailand.

  5. acajudi100

    Will be there for the winter. I just left Bali, and i will NOT use Korean
    Air, which was a racist nightmare. Singaporean Air treats people with love,
    respect and honor! I did not pay 2K for airfare to be trated like a monkey
    with even bananas gicven to me, and whites were moved, not to sit near me!
    Karma on Korean Air! The very best blessings for that fantastic Singaporean


    Thanks! Didn’t know this place existed until your video.

  7. cr38961

    I’d get really fat with those kinds of incentives. I’d have to take up
    distance running, or eat once every two days.

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