Content And Yet More Content

By | May 28, 2013


“Content & Linking are the two areas of SEO that if managed correctly make the LARGEST improvement in search results”

Replace the modern adage “Information,Information,Information” with “Content, Content, Content” and you are well on the way to achieving optimum search results for your website or blog.

My own personal traffic-building strategy isn’t based on tricks or techniques. It’s mainly about “providing unique content that offers genuine value and letting the reader word of mouth do the rest!”.

By inspiring the readers by the quality of your content, they will re-visit your website or blog regularly, sign up to your feeds & even offer unique content of their own, it’s yet another win,win for you – but it’s all based upon your ability to deliver unique & interesting content, nothing more, nothing less!.


Create Content Value:

When you sit down to write your content do you consider that it is always worthy of being read by large numbers of people?, afterall the whole purpose of content is to provide value to others.

Consider the effect you want your writing to have on people,do you want them to just speed-read useful but yet shallow content, do you want them to enjoy your content & follow your future works, or do you want to offer thought provoking content that begs a response from the reader. All these options require differing writing styles, but all hold varying values with your readers.

When you can focus on providing real value instead of just turning out what I would call “disposable content”,your readers will notice, they will unknowingly promote you to others & the search engines will notice.

Create Content Originality:

Unique content takes far more effort to produce than “copy content”,but the rewards for it far outweigh the extra effort required to guarantee it’s originality.

If your goal is the same as mine & that is to become a website of “final destination” and not just that of a “stepping-stone” then genuine original content is a must.

A good measure of the “sticking power” of a website or blog is both the “Bounce %” & “Time on Site” features that Alexa use to determine thepopularity of a site, the Alexa Ranking system is globally accepted as being the best gauge to the success or failure of ALL websites & blogs, to find out how you fare, just add your site details into the “Site Look-Up” box & click “Go”.

Personally I use a bounce % of under 50% as perfectly acceptable & a time on site of a minimum of 5 minutes.

Just remember that 5 minutes in the world of the internet “surfer” is a considerable time!!.

If you can meet or surpass both these measurements, you can take pride in the fact that you are providing your readers with a happy balance of both high quality unique content & value.

But don’t sit back & gloat too long, with over 240 million other websites & blogs out there, all vying for the magic formula that will bring them success, you need to keep striving forward with this same dedicated approach – AND YOU WILL SUCCEED!!.

Yes, there are lots of new sites out there that mainly post content from other sites & they do have the potential to build traffic faster in the beginning, but just check out their stats, the only way they are doing it is by attracting NEW readers all the time, as they do not have the ABILITY to HOLD or DEVELOP READER RETENTION which is the “key” and the reward for high quality unique content!!.

Tip: The way that I decide what subjects to cover is quite simple & very easy to do. I am a member of around 5x different travel forums, all I do is to spend time looking carefully through them to the questions that are being asked about my specific niche – Chiang Mai & Thailand, assisting the questioners with good quality information, which usually earns me a link(bookmark) from them, and gives me huge amounts of potential new material, IF PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR IT, IT’S IN DEMAND.

I then research the subject on the internet(if I have no personal knowledge or experience of the subject), typically I will read 4-5 high quality articles before writing my own high quality “unique” article, the whole process from forum – built & on website takes me about 2-3 days per article, it’s time consuming, but it’s a great way to always have “in-demand” high quality articles always available on your site.


Create Content without Timescale:

When I write I try to avoid too many time-bound events,and try to ensure that the majority of my content is intended to be timeless.

The reason for this is very simple in that time-bound events can & are typically more time consuming, as to keep them factual, you have to constantly update them, whereas I would sooner concentrate on the next article going forward rather than having to continually look backwards!!.

If you are running a blog rather than a website, this is obviously more difficult, as much of the unique content of blogs is based upon “realtime” experiences, all I would say is just be careful that you do not become the “passenger” of your blog rather than the “driver”, if you know what I mean.

Create Content for Humans!:

ALWAYS write your content for human readers first, search engine “spiders” second!

It’s a simple enough tip, but again one that the “fast-track” shallow Hal sites completely ignore, preferring to “stuff” as many keyword references as possible into their content, to the point that their content barely makes sense, that is due to the fact that they value the spiders higher than they value the human reader!!, please don’t fall into that trap.

There are many articles also written about the “optimum strategies forsearch engine rankings” for both the length of your articles & the frequency at which you add content to your site.

Many successful bloggers & webmasters would recommend articles of 250+ words, posting several times a week to ensure continual “seeding” for the search engines to find, this is a logical strategy, and does work, but not one that I personally work to.

My aim is to offer HIGH QUALITY UNIQUE CONTENT OF VALUE to my readers, and as I am writing for my human readers rather than search engine spiders, I prefer to let the articles flow until they reach their natural conclusion, rather than some “small chunks of disposable content” that areforgotten as soon as they are read.

I believe wholeheartedly that our strategy on content will have huge long term benefits to our website, and certainly leaves us far less vulnerable to any longer term changes in Googles own strategies.

At the end of the day Google is trying to provide it’s searchers with high quality authoritative information from reliable sources, and QUALITY WILL WIN THE DAY EVENTUALLY.