Cockpit view of an Airbus landing in Chiang Mai (ILS36) #2, Thailand – HD

By | December 9, 2013

Clear sky with good view of Doi(peak) Suthep on the left.

chiang mai

12 thoughts on “Cockpit view of an Airbus landing in Chiang Mai (ILS36) #2, Thailand – HD

  1. DieselFrdChikn

    Great video! Very nice ride all the way to the gate. Thanks!

  2. moonboots69

    fantastic video…!! 5 stars… its great to see this journey that i make
    quite often through the pilots eye.. thanks for sharing it… (now i’m
    gonna watch all your other vids..)

  3. wildsiam

    good video… but it is Doi Suthep to the left of the airfield… (Doi
    Inthanon is approx 90km SW of Suthep)

  4. BoeingJetJockey

    @wildsiam Oops! Thanks, you’re absolutely right. Don’t know why I typed
    Doi Inthanon instead of Doi Suthep! Corrected! Thanks.

  5. rikkiejames

    เห็นแล้วคิดถึงบ้าน คิดถึงเมืองไทย ตอนไปซื้อของที่บิ๊กซี เห็นเครื่องลงชัดมาก

  6. พฤฒิพล ประชุมผล

    Perfect … Thanks!.


    Thank you for sharing… It kind of takes me back to Chiang Mai… I also
    enjoy flying down to Ranong and visiting the Andaman Club over the water
    into Myanma. I Love Thailand and the Culture, and the People. Especially my
    2 year old Son in Nakhon Sawan, gee I miss my Daniel, maybe he can be a
    Pilot, if he listens to me, and learns maths at an early age.even now he
    points out a plane way up high! Amazing! Thanks again.

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