Chinatown Bangkok – Yaowarat Street Food Tour (เยาวราช)

By | November 30, 2013

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18 thoughts on “Chinatown Bangkok – Yaowarat Street Food Tour (เยาวราช)

  1. Heinrich Damm

    The main reason for me to spend my holidays in Thailand repeatedly is: the
    To give you an idea, what it is like, watch this Street Food Tour through
    Bangkok’s Chinatown:

  2. Katelyn Powell

    You really can eat well on a budget out there….. my dream is to visit
    thailand one day

  3. จรัล ศรีสุวรรณ

    ทานอาหารสดๆร้อนๆนะครับท้องจะได้ไม่เสีย !

  4. Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok

    Thailand is an amazing place and Bangkok has improved so much over the last
    decade with international cuisine taking prominence alongside Thai which is
    fantastic for everyone, just make sure you diet before you arrive!

  5. danny_keem

    hey mark, honest question. you do have an appetite, i can well see that,
    but how do you maintain your body mass? are you a runner? or do you just
    simply have a fast metabolism?

  6. ฐาปกรณ์ ศรีศิริ

    I really glad you like Thai food

  7. pureprocrastinator

    hey mark, does your camera person ever get to eat??

  8. bugz2grrl

    K.. Went there a year ago. Place was full of trash. Keep walking dog a
    while until my friend and I saw some durian. Once my friend touched it but
    didn’t buy, a Chinese woman were saying like farang waahh touch and didn’t
    buy! In Thai. I understood a bit Thai though.. I swear her fingers were
    only close to durian for a sec… Geeze for god sake..

  9. bugz2grrl

    Keep walking for a while** sorry typing on my iPod.

  10. CJ737

    Your videos are AWESOME! So inspiring! And yes,even I’d like to
    know..anything that you dnt like? 😀

  11. gk891

    If you hate it so much, then why are you watching this video?

  12. Charles Thomas

    lol the islamic people literally worship the cow and still they dont seem
    to complain as much as ignorant people like you and your housepets

  13. Addictive Backpacking

    I went today and had the sesame balls in ginger tea! great video Mark!


    the face that he make on the first bite is amazing hahah

  15. JamesKendric

    Just curious, where are you from Mark? Love your videos btw!

  16. angelo frigeni

    I like your video so much!and your face when eating thai food!make me
    hungry every time!

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