Chiang Mai – Very Affordable Lanna Style Apartment with Swimming Pool

By | November 29, 2013

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25 thoughts on “Chiang Mai – Very Affordable Lanna Style Apartment with Swimming Pool

  1. Vitaliy Tkachuk

    Hello JC! What about aircon or fan? Is any of this available in rooms?

  2. chronicreader

    Hey, JC. I think you just filled the whole place with this video! LOL

  3. fonstock

    Wow! ! Did I hear right, did you also say “free” breakfast???

  4. retirecheapjc

    Just added the link here in the description. Sorry I had forgot!

  5. carroll6

    What about hired help? A maid (non live in), and maybe a driver/tour guide?
    What a bout a mechanic for your scooter? A plumber? Construction labor?
    Also, how to treat them. I am talking a $1150 budget. I have medical
    problems, muscular problems. I wouldn’t work their tails off, but I need
    help with certain things. A video might be good on this. What if you wanted
    builders to build a small house.. etc.

  6. chronicreader

    LOL For $800 a month, you can live in a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath house
    on the outskirts of Chiang Mai.

  7. TechbyTigz

    great find! Thank you for the info. Do you know if they have a website? Ive
    tried google but couldnt find anything.

  8. expara1

    me too! retiring in 1 year. cant wait to stop paying high prices for
    housing & fun. My real concern is health care. can I buy a Thai health
    insurance plan?

  9. retirecheapjc

    I have seen some that have come through here teaching English.

  10. RichVoyages

    Ya got me pegged. lol I like the feel of Chang Puak and enjoy chatting with
    Noi. I wonder if she’s still getting bitten by her bicycle.*ponders* 😉 I
    would really enjoy living there.Not sure if Noi would charge per month or
    if she really wants monthly guests for that matter.She seemed to be doing
    really well with a lot of Asian clientele.

  11. RichVoyages

    I reviewed it back on 4/2/2012. Five stars in my book.

  12. TONYLOUIS100

    Awesome apartment and great value for money. So glad to have found you on
    you tube

  13. Charles Graham

    This looks like a great place to stay at for a month or two just to see
    what its like living in the area. Also a great place to stay at while
    looking for a more permanent solution.

  14. ammerudgrenda

    Looks like a great place. However, I cannot find their website anywhere.
    The link on MapsNmore doesnt go anywhere either. Anyone know if it’s open

  15. retirecheapjc

    Seems like the management will soon be selling this property. The marketing
    problems have kept them from having good occupancy. I will add current
    contact links on MapsNMore and in this description for reservations.

  16. Glenn Andersson

    Stayed there one night in december, looks nice but the service was nowere
    to bee found. When we woke, no people were working. we managed to fix
    ourselfs some coffee. took more then two hours before any staff showed up.
    (11 am)

  17. billbus12

    Really like this place hope to check out in September im ready to retire
    but im only 55 years old so my pension is small so I think you may know
    where im coming from I love Thailand I might be able to buy something later
    with my 401 k but that to is not to much.

  18. TONYLOUIS100

    Hi Jc, Have you heard any news on this Hotel and it’s operations, opening
    etc? What a waste of a nice place. It seems like they never even started in
    the first place. I’ve tried on their website over 8 months ago and after
    with no reply. See if you can find out anything on this hotel if you are in
    the area Thanks Tony

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