Chiang Mai Tiger Conservation (Tiger Kingdom)

By | November 22, 2013

About Chiang Mai Tiger conservation, known as Tiger Kingdom: The tigers are born and raised here in this conservation, which was created to protect tiger num…

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25 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Tiger Conservation (Tiger Kingdom)

  1. Totaaa1223

    جميل -good I’m from Saudi Arabia

  2. Denise Thomas

    HAHAH!! lay on the tiger sexy sexy hahah =) that was so awesome !!

  3. Majesty Jen

    to the negative comments if that poor helpless Tigers being sedated and
    being tortured through constant belly rubs and occassional hugs and is
    forced to be sprawled out around people who are clearly (careful and
    gently) patting him … and admiring his beauty… I mean since he is
    obiviously forced to eat healthy to look gorgeous so tourist can admire
    him… Then by all means sedate me as well lol

  4. Vika10

    omw! I was thinking the same thing! There is no way a tiger could be so
    mellow, is there??? I mean, leaning against a tiger and he didn’t even look
    up or anything?? Poor animals! :((

  5. Riververchi

    I thought of this..oh god please let it not be true 🙁 …and I am afraid
    it is…:(

  6. spitonmebeckbennett

    cute fatty tigers!!! they’re obviously content they act just like my kittens

  7. Varietygirl1

    Does the tiger like music, because there would not be any music in the wild.

  8. Jeannie Hartley

    What beautiful animals!Tigers are my favorite animal!

  9. ImALopez08

    Amazing trip thanks for sharing I especially loved this because tigers and
    lions are my most favorite animal 🙂

  10. Amy Robbins

    Still these are “wild”animals. When they get sick of people touching and
    laying on them someone is going to get hurt. Then that would be sad for the
    tiger because I’m sure they’d be forced to kill the animal.

  11. Kristin Curtis

    You should read the description first..


    O my gosh this is soo cool I wish I could pet a tiger they are my favorite

  13. Whatuseeiswhatuget43

    Even my docile cat would not let me do any of the things they were doing xox

  14. Abdulghani Abdo

    I agree that these tigers who are outside seems to be sedated with drugs
    for tourists to have short , safe and lovely visit. This is not right.

  15. Ledzz Go

    You guys are the cutest……:-)……those tigers! What’s the deal? – I
    mean – they are dangerous! Sedated? Pretty amazing stuff, but if sedated,
    not good……my favorite cat and all…..:-)

  16. freeangie11

    So beautiful to be living like that! They reserve to be in their habitat.

  17. TheMNKtiger

    All tigers at tiger kingdom are not drugged !!! If you never cuddle them,
    you really don’t know about them. All tigers were teached by staffs seem
    like polices teach dog for them work. Staffs teach them by stick …. you
    can see

  18. dakaara mx

    Thanks for uploading and for the info, because it seems like if they are
    drugged, but fortunately not! I love tigers 😀 … Have a great day ♡ !!!!

  19. Thalia Salinas

    You guys have the most loveliest chemistry xD so adorable. Awesome video
    the tigers were beautiful big and lazy loved it c:

  20. Nancy Liedel

    Those tigers are not sedated and I would not go in. I’d get so joyous that
    they are working to conserve the species, which is all but gone in the
    wild, I’d do something stupid and get batted. No one wants to be swat with
    one of those paws. My cats are looking at this. I do not want them to have
    delusions of grandeur. I too wish tigers were more prolific, but…I think
    about our indifference to the earth and get emotional.

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