Chiang Mai, Thailand: the Necessities of Life

By | November 25, 2013 Join me in Chiang Mai, Thailand and find out what I will risk life and limb for – riding in traffic on a bicycle in Chiang Mai is…

chiang mai

5 thoughts on “Chiang Mai, Thailand: the Necessities of Life

  1. Dontuween

    It sounds like you had an Indiana Jones adventure just trying to get those

  2. TheTogaent

    “You can’t find this . . .” then she holds it up. Uuuh. You CAN find this.

  3. acajudi100

    I am retired and thinking of renting at Malin. sorry you were robbed. I
    just take copies of ID and daily money.

  4. coralarch

    I have never had any pleasant experience in Thailand. Tried it 3 times- and
    every time it was just a nightmare. The only place in the world that I
    dislike intensely.

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