Chiang Mai Thailand flood Sept. 29, 2011

By | November 28, 2013

Flooding in the city of Chiang Mai is mainly in the area of Nong Hoi and the night bazaar area all along the river. Also from the train station to the river …

chiang mai

25 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Thailand flood Sept. 29, 2011

  1. Slingsby Twentyone

    thanks for upload – you can see, nothing can stop Thai people .. !

  2. Randy Gaudet

    No problem in Hong Dong area. It is the areas along the Ping River like
    Lamphun, Lampang.

  3. Beww Empremsilapa

    I hope everything will be get better… PRAY FOR THAILAND.

  4. Randy Gaudet

    Chiang Mai and North Thailand is fine now. The monsoon rains have moved
    south so the rainy season here in the north is now over. Still maybe a few
    scattered showers in the late afternoon for the next week or so but that is

  5. Daphne Joanna De Souza

    i am afraid the crocodile might out to bite some of these people

  6. Randy Gaudet

    Last time was in 2004 and being here for 22 years I never saw flooding
    before 2004.

  7. BrendaRockyNeck

    Thanks for posting, I am headed there in a week and good to know what they
    have been through. GREAT video, by the way, was able to really ‘get it’
    having spent lots of time there and being familiar with the locations you
    shot. PEACE!

  8. Randy Gaudet

    Great weather right now, cool at night, no rain.

  9. zzttrree

    :((( I’m going there in 10 days,hope it will be better.

  10. Anh Phan Khắc Huy

    Hope Thailand can soon get to normal. From Vietnam

  11. Time2Keel

    Yingluck…..They voted a storm and … came. No worries, Thaksin’ll be
    back for another storm!.

  12. cheapestnews

    Now flooding has come to all the way to Bangkok.

  13. snowbubble

    I wonder if it will be okay to visit Thailand in February or March. I hope
    everything is okay for everywhere in Thailand.

  14. Travel Monkey

    I was in Chiang Mai a couple weeks ago. Flooding is all gone, and things
    are back to normal. I really enjoy Chiang Mai. (Video Response Submitted)

  15. Elizabeth Dunn

    Hi Randy My name is Hylton Smith and I am from New Zealand. I was wondering
    if I could Email you with a list of questions about Chaing Mai. I am moving
    to Chaing Mai and would love to tap into some of your local knowledge. If
    this works for you please confirm this to my email, Thanks
    so much and keep the good work up with your videos. Regards Hylton

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