Chiang Mai, Thailand: As We Travel Asia

By | December 5, 2013

Chiang Mai, Thailand – – As We Travel Show – Episode 2 – Hosted by Sofia von Porat & Nathan Schacherer.

chiang mai

17 thoughts on “Chiang Mai, Thailand: As We Travel Asia

  1. TheClevercute

    it’s not really thai traditional pad thai, lazy technique, she just use
    water. no tamarind sauce or other sauce to make real thai taste. still
    soaky and not colorful. teacher not depth experience

  2. Gayray Gay

    Hi TheClevercute, Thank you for your suggestion. My name is Gayray the
    owner of my Cooking school that Sofia did and I am also a woman on the VDO.
    I am Thai 100% the technique that I showed her, it was a part of Thai
    cooking. Lazy or not doesn’t matter but I knew I show her part of Thai
    cooking. If you are in depth experience I’m sure you will know Street pad
    thai, pad thai in other countries all different.

  3. Gayray Gay

    I’m a teacher not chef. I always say like ( no chef in Thai cooking) I no
    how to cook Pad Thai with the tamarind as you know and all Thai people know
    as you know who depth experience! But I showed Sofia as I showed in my
    class. I can teach my student 3-4 stir fried noodles at same time in the
    same concept. Sofia did the class just few hours and this VDO might be not
    enough for you to understand my concept.

  4. Gayray Gay

    I have an idea, if you TheClevercute want to prove me please come to my
    school if you have time to travel in Thailand. But if you are Thai or we
    are same occupation you can do what you want to do. Thank you.

  5. 212Roger

    I could use a good stiff drink, oops, I mean a good stiff massage.

  6. General lam

    next time when go there , u must try to drink some Thai Cock , its more
    yummy white boy

  7. TastyThailand

    LOL. That’s exactly how Pad Thai is made in Thailand.

  8. TastyThailand

    LOL, had to laugh at your reaction to the fish. Mine was the same the first
    time I did it. It feels sooooo weird at first, doesn’t it? 🙂

  9. john golden

    6:10 great sexy legs need more videos of this

  10. Phúc Trần

    lol the asian peopl very bad and smillae zoo

  11. SodiumFreeVideos

    This video has made me want to visit Chiang Mai loads!

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