Chiang Mai, Thailand – Amazing Travel Video! (HD)

By | November 30, 2013

Chiang Mai (Thai: เชียงใหม่ [tɕʰiəŋ màj] ( listen), Northern Thai: ᨩ᩠ᨿᨦᩉ᩠ᨾᩲ᩵ [tɕiəŋ màj]) sometimes written as “Chiengmai” or “Chiangmai”, is the largest and…

chiang mai

3 thoughts on “Chiang Mai, Thailand – Amazing Travel Video! (HD)


    Sorry dude, not trying to be an asshole so just listen and learn. Nothing
    was in focus (no depths of field.. like whatever your subject is crisp and
    clear with the background blurry). You do have some cool compositions but
    the actual clarity of things are lacking, I realize I’m coming down on you
    hard, but you could learn from this, and make it actually Amazing.

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