25 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Thailand

  1. Johnny Jet

    YouTube disabaled the sound because of Copyrighted music. Thanks for
    logging on! Whitney

  2. tuneesq

    very cool. . . I was just there and did the same things – same temple, same
    elephant camp — thanx for this mateys.

  3. muaythai1786

    thx for the greath video johnny. bring back alots of good memory. i’m going
    back to chaing mai on the 18 of march 2010. can’t wait to go home. thx

  4. Evan and Rachel: Travelers and Expats

    Awesome! We have som old videos up from Chiang Mai. Lovely town, monk chats
    were cool!

  5. soricheli25

    jo mi chico esta ayi ..y mañana mismo va a chiang mai.que envidia!!! que
    bonito todo 🙁

  6. joshcute100385

    wow… nice video… really love it… specially the end part make me
    smile… perfect for the ending…. now i have an idea about chiang mai..
    im going there 2 weeks from now… tnx for your wonderful video

  7. villapierre

    Was in Indochina last summer. Nice trip, but seems Asia is quite the same
    all over the places. Next time I’ll stay here to visit my country, Italy.

  8. Maidoua Xiong

    This video is awesome….I feel so pumped about going to Chiang Mai after
    watching this video

  9. Gatwick Jet

    @TheBardyCharver I hope to move there as well, but I hope you looked into
    this carefully and are ready for what might happen.

  10. SuperWonderWhy

    เสียด้าย ตอนไปเชียงใหม่สมัย กอ่นไม่มีอินเตอร์แนต
    ไม่รู้จักที่เที่ยวไปวนอยู่ในเมือง และดอยสุเทพ

  11. nepalviajecom

    very nice Chiang Mai, we have a nice tour there No os perdais Chiang Mai si
    vais a Thai…

  12. Travel Monkey

    Awesome trip and great video. Looks like I have to ‘Up My Game.’ The
    quality of hotels you stayed in is about 3 stars better than the ones I
    stay in.

  13. Zionist Jew

    I can’t find any info on hunting Elephants…

  14. John Parker

    Nice video, going to Thailand in May and I think I will hit up Chiang Mai.
    Any good ideas?

  15. Nicholas Marchese

    great video, we went last feb and loved it! Chiang Mai has awesome treks.

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