Chiang Mai Syndrome

By | November 22, 2013

A humorous short mock-umentary in the tradition of “Spinal Tap” or “Best in Show”, follows the adventures of a fat American who gives up everything to become…

chiang mai

10 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Syndrome

  1. videoparables

    This mock-umentary was a lot of fun to shoot in Thailand. It is not a
    Christian video such as we currently produce, but it is definitely not
    offensive and it is very humorous. Enjoy!

  2. ChicoGuerrera

    Hilarious? It’s about as riveting as watching fucking soup go cold.

  3. Susan Lee

    God loves the stupid. the buddha is about reality. Go back to the US after
    spending all your money in Chiang Mai. Cup Com Kha

  4. Joko MacKenna

    I think there’s a little Harry in all of us….fortunately, there’s plenty
    of Harry to go around.

  5. MrSwimfinz123

    Chiang Mai is filled with such falang buffoons….

  6. Adam Kidd

    I think it’s a bit crazy however if he continues along with a proper diet
    he should some weight at least. Live and let live…….Mai Pen Rai !!!!

  7. richard clairmont

    Mark DeWayne is a comic genius and deserves a YouTube Award. Everything’s
    there -cultural awareness, irony, pratfalls, and great casting. Hats off,

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