Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market, Thailand

By | November 25, 2013

Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market is what a night market should be. I’m not being a jerk when I say it’s WAY better than the Saturday Night Market. Food, music,…

chiang mai

17 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market, Thailand

  1. Lost and Found Travel

    Honestly, the Sunday Night Market WAS TOTALLY BETTER than the Saturday
    Night Market. So be it. Foooooood. If you’re hungry, be careful. Or if you
    miss Thailand like I do 24/7, be careful –

  2. Discoverlust

    Very cool videos ! Love the titling and the smooth picture ! Do you post
    anywhere else than on YouTube ? Great work !

  3. TommyAkirakun

    Chiangmai is different than Bangkok less scam less bustlering less traffic
    people is nice fruit is good and many shopping mall but no MRT

  4. Lost & Found Travel

    Thanks. Not besides our site, which is just YouTube embedded anyway.

  5. Lost & Found Travel

    I wish. I’ve been working on a “sizzle reel” and in doing so keep finding
    b-roll I forgot I shot. But worth sharing as a bit of micro-content. That
    Delhi video was the same sort of “leftover” footage.

  6. Lost & Found Travel

    Yeah the MRT is one of my favorite things about BKK. It’s WAY better than
    the CTA in Chicago. We still don’t have as modern a system – even after a 5
    year refit.

  7. Discoverlust

    The website and your videos are very “graphic” ! Congrats

  8. TommyAkirakun

    Chiangmai already plan to build a monorail their will be at least 3 line
    but after high speed rail is done


    Keep doing what you guys love to do…real and raw…That’s what life
    is…Love u guys!

  10. Lost & Found Travel

    Thank you sir. Our new goal is 85% show and only 15% tell….

  11. itsagoodlifeforus

    Really cool video! I loved the markets when I was in Chiang Mai.

  12. GNYBerlin

    Just revisited the night market with you guys. So lovely. Wish I could run
    off to Chiang Mai for the weekend. xx Luci

  13. CookingThaiFood

    Great stuff. Your videos are getting more and more polished and

  14. Lost & Found Travel

    Thank you. I appreciate the positive energy.

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