Chiang Mai Speed Kart – Undiscovered Chiang Rai (8 Miles from Home Episode 15)

By | November 30, 2013

When our friends told us about Chiang Mai Speedkart. It wasn’t long before we were all heading down to the track to race. Newly opened with powerful 270cc Go…

chiang mai

25 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Speed Kart – Undiscovered Chiang Rai (8 Miles from Home Episode 15)

  1. timcthefilmguy

    Thanks for putting a google place mark on the map for Doi In Cee! Looking
    forward to climbing it next time I go to MaeSai

  2. Eight Miles from Home

    Yeah it was tough to find. But once you get there it’s an awesome view.
    Probably best at Sunrise for the landscape view, and sunset for the Buddha
    statue which is behind you when you look out at the view.

  3. Eight Miles from Home

    Just need a Red Epic, Phantom Gold and Flying capabilities, then I’ll be
    there 😉

  4. Eight Miles from Home

    Thanks a lot, glad we can inspire people to better themselves too 🙂

  5. Eight Miles from Home

    Thanks Ryan, You could’ve been there man! Had it not been for the
    inevitable immigration trip. 🙁

  6. Lost & Found Travel

    Stunner start to finish. Loved the last shot maybe the most.

  7. Eight Miles from Home

    That’s why we left it until last 😉 Thanks for watching

  8. Eight Miles from Home

    Sorry Terry that’s all there is 🙁 I made it that way so I could split it
    in 2 later and give half to the race track for being awesome.


    Great vid as always, J. Loved the CR adventure, especially. You folks
    learned/did some pretty trippy stuff. How long was the trek for?

  10. Eight Miles from Home

    Thanks Christine 🙂 The actual trek was only one day, its usually 2 days
    but we had to do a shorter version because of all the equipment we were
    carrying lol The fishing trip was a half day activity. It was good fun

  11. area49

    Thought I did everything, have to add this to the list, Doe! Like the 360′
    pans and nice effect on the drifts, Are you doing your own music scoring?
    Great sounding tracks regardless, Looking forward to next installment 😉

  12. Eight Miles from Home

    Not Yet, that is something I am going to learn though. Music is always very
    tough for me to find. Thanks for watching

  13. 8 miles from home

    Get your Epic Action Fix right here. Go Karting at its best

  14. Azarov Dmitriy

    Good day. Could you tell me what kind of effect do you use all the time in
    your video: for example here from 00:13 to 0:19 sec. I can describe one
    like everything is shaking , especially edges of objects:)) many thanks in
    advance . With best regards Dmitrii.

  15. Eight Miles from Home

    It is called a RGB Split, there are many ways to do it. I have a plug in
    called ‘Impact Chaos’ or there is an after effects plug in called ‘Twitch’
    that is a more advanced version. Or you can do it manually in after effects
    by splitting the red, green and blue channel and making them move around
    with keyframes. 🙂

  16. Azarov Dmitriy

    Many thanks:)) we have changed the place of our residence from Thailand to
    Spain. The matter is, we have two children, the main reason is schools. But
    Thailand will always in our Hearts. Many thanks one more time.

  17. Helge Heyerdahl

    Great that you promote Thailand, but you want to much I think, from a
    professional aspect. Way to much effects, the gocart-video almost gave me a
    headache, way to much selfpromoting in the videos…I’m watching cos I
    wanna see the sights etc., and way to little information about the spots
    you visit. Effects should mainly be used for a purpose, not just to be
    another effect. And please work on your diction and slow down the speed
    when you talk. Lots of nice clips and good camerawork.

  18. Helge Heyerdahl

    Spot on. Good as an exam in editing, but not much in it…

  19. Eight Miles from Home

    Hey Helge, thanks for the advice. But that’s kind of what makes our videos
    different don’t you think? There are plenty of other slow panning, slow
    paced Thailand videos out there already so we are doing something a little
    unique 🙂 Also this is our version of a Travel Vlog, so it’s supposed to
    be about us & our journey in Thailand. Otherwise we would just be
    documentary makers right? I appreciate the constructive criticism. Thanks
    for taking the time to watch our vid, even if you didn’t enjoy

  20. Helge Heyerdahl

    I guess it is a generational (is that even a word?) thing. I am 40ish, and
    the overload (as I see it) of effects makes me not wanting to see more than
    one or two of them. Sure, you are right – I am not your target, same with
    the other guy who says its like a promo. Didnt mean it in a bad way, just
    that I am a feedback-aholic myself, and like to speak my mind. Not cos I
    love to complain, but just to balance the feedback. Seems like you hit
    jackpot with your targetviewers, well done 🙂

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