Chiang Mai Part 3 – First Night Out

By | November 22, 2013

The first night out in Chiang Mai, all still part of the first day. A desperate search for a place that sells drinks, the Dutch picking a fight with and Isre…

chiang mai

8 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Part 3 – First Night Out

  1. SnoboarderTPOH

    At least you are trying to speak the basics. good for you

  2. Hippety Hop

    Boy. You poms sure know how to have fun.

  3. Ken Nguyen

    3:15: “its not really going to be on youtube” … lol


    Interesting video but bad filming, you need to practice more with your
    camera and watch carefuly what you are filming. If you do this I gaurantee
    you that you will get better results. Thanks for sharing this video we are
    off to Thailand in january for 6 months

  5. Marc Piechowicz

    Wow, I can actually smell that pancake cooking – I swear I used to live of
    them in Chiang Mai! Gorgeous!!!!!

  6. Marc Piechowicz

    The best and cheapest food in the fuckin world and you go to Macca’s – You
    fuckin CUNT!

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