Chiang Mai – Our Trekking Tour

By | November 17, 2012

by Rob & Jenny Blades
(Ontario, Canada)

Bathtime for the elephants following a days trekking!.

Bathtime for the elephants following a days trekking!.

We booked our trekking tour with Unseen Travel whilst staying in Bangkok, they took care of everything, train ticket (1st class sleeping), hotel (The Park Hotel) and trekking.

They asked if we wanted the opium-trek or the normal trek! – the ordinary trek please, if you don’t mind!.

You have to be in very good condition for the trek, I wasn´t, my stomach ran “wild” the night before our trek and we had to cancel the adventure.

A 3 day trek starts with an Elephant ride for about 1-2 hours with lunch, then you walk for 2-3 hours and taking a bath in a waterfall.

Now it is time for the 1st camp because the sun sets at 17:30. The next day starts with a 2-3 hour walk up and down the mountains with possibilities for taking a bath in another waterfall, then it´s time for lunch, another 2-3 hour walk before it´s time for 2nd camp.

The third day is like the others with possibilities for meeting locals from the hill tribe villages, the trek ends with bamboo rafting.

Things You need:
Mosquito repellants, long pants,a pair of trainers, extra socks, shorts, a jacket with long sleeves, t-shirts, jumper,flashlight, swim suit, towel, toilet paper, a hat, first aid kit, sun cream, toothbrush and tooth paste, money for buying things from hill tribes.

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Chiang Mai – Our Trekking Tour

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