Chiang Mai – “Older Men, Younger Women” ● Flower Festival ● Vanilla Place Guesthouse

By | December 8, 2013

Expat living was my theme in a series of blogs that I wrote about Mexico and Panama. See – Mexico – 23 Destinations to Spend t…

chiang mai

7 thoughts on “Chiang Mai – “Older Men, Younger Women” ● Flower Festival ● Vanilla Place Guesthouse

  1. Rebecca Smith

    The women only want the mioney with the old guys! lol

  2. TravelsWithLobo

    If you want to see a great program on this topic check out: Do a search
    “Passionate Eye” and “My Thai Bride” and you will come up with a very
    interesting (sad) program on this topic. (can’t put a link in a comment)

  3. TravelsWithLobo

    You are right but we used Agoda and $30 was sort of the top of our scale.
    We generally booked the day before arriving at a destination and I left the
    bookings to Barbara. (less complaining that way). So yes this is not the
    cheapest way to go about it. Do you have any suggestions as to where to
    stay to get comparable quality at a lower price?

  4. Rebecca Smith

    Hostels, but get private room. Service apartments month to month.

  5. Ryan Darcy

    Why so my repeated scenes?? Who edits these???

  6. TravelsWithLobo

    I had another look at the video and I don’t see “so many repeat scenes”. On
    the other hand it could be argued that I dwell too long on a topic. I have
    to take credti/blame for the editing.

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