Chiang Mai Noodle Soup

By | October 26, 2014

Tao SeafooD nooDle Soup A fine vermicelli noodle soup with lettuce and $17.00 5. ChianG mai nooDleS Stir fried thick egg noodles with chilli paste and mixed vegetables and your 1 choice of meat. ChiCken, Beef, VeGetarian $16.50 praWn $20.50 6.

Chiang Mai KitchenMain Menu Starters £ 6.60 (Minced chicken with Thai spinach) Lightly spiced chicken cooked with ground peanuts, fresh peppercorns and garlic.

Chiang Mai KitchenLunchtime Menu LUNCH SPECIAL MENU 400. Rice noodle soup with pork or chicken and fresh bean sprouts, spring onion topped with garlic oil. 410. Kapaow Kung * (Prawns with basil) £ 8.25 Stir fried prawns with Thai basil and fresh chillies.

Thai Kitchen & Noodles 2461 Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton CA 94588 Tel: 925.847.8888 Chiang Mai Curry Noodle Soup $8.50 Egg Noodle with Chicken meat in an aromatic coconut curyy. Topped with Crispy noodle, lime, sour mustard, onions.

Cooking Chiang Mai by NathaN FoNg DriveN out oF BaNgkok By FlooDs, NathaN Discovers thailaND’s BeautiFul North. 30 thailand taste& travel international octoBer–DecemBer 2012

CHianG Mai nooDLE souP 11.95 Egg noodle with chicken in special curry soup top with crispy noodle, red onions, cilantro, green onions and fried shallot tHai suKiyaKi 10.95 A combination of beef, pork, chicken, Napa cabbage, Chinese celery, clear noodle and egg in Manee

Soup% TOM!KHA!GAI! Spicy!Chicken!Soup!with!Coconut!Milk! ***! Main%Course% Spicy!Chiang!Mai!Pork!Sausage GAI!HOR!BAI!TUEY Marinated!Chicken!Wrapped!with!Pandanus!Leaves! PAD!THAI!GOONG,!Wok!Fired!Rice!Noodle!with!Shrimps!and!Condiments! ***!!

Japanese noodle soup with a fish cake, teriyaki chicken, green onions & napa cabbage. 23) Thukpa 6.99 Nepalese-Tibetan egg noodle soup with onions, garlic, ginger Chiang Mai style crispy egg noodles with red onions, pickled cabbage & curry sauce.

Lotus Café! Our goal at Lotus is to serve the highest quality and best tasting Asian food you have ever eaten. Chicken noodle soup with anise Chiang Mai Chicken Soup 5.95/9.95 Chicken & vegetables, very mild Fish and Tamarind Soup (Burma)

Khao Soi Gai (Egg Noodle “Chiang Mai “Style ) Curried chicken soup with soft and crispy noodle and traditional condiments…………………………………… ….……..……. 160 Khao Pad Nam Prik Pra Dook

Thai rice noodle soup With chicken BED thailändighe Reisnudelsuppe mit Entenfleisch GUIDIO BED MU thail. Reisnudelsuppe mit Schweinefleisch und Fleischbällchen Chiang Mai Original Thai-Food Ale Hauptgerichte werden mit gekochtem Reis saviert.

Khao Soi Gai (Egg Noodle “Chiang Mai “Style ) French Onion Soup With toasted cheese croutons………………………………………..150 Spinach Cappuccino Soup Fresh Thai spinach cooked in vegetable stock and cream

CHIANG MAI THAI NOODLE SOUP … Rice noodles and your choice of Chicken, Vegetable or Both, simmered in a hot chicken broth I stole his Mom’s recipe off the Bob Dylan Show on XM radio and it’s to die for. Three tender, succulent ground beef

Steamed scallop with garlic soy sauce and glass noodle SOUP EUR 6 CHIANG MAI TOM KHA SOUP Chicken/ shrimp soup with coconut milk and lemongrass house recipe Korean bulgogi sauce and kimchi pickles. CRISPY PANKO SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN

ULTIMATE MAI TAI the original recipe, aged rhum agricole, jamaican rum, lime, curacao, almond, SLURPING NOODLE PHO chicken meatballs, sliced chicken, rice noodles soup&salad Stir Fry Bar

Chiang Mai Pork Sausage $9.50 Seasoned with mixed herbs and spices, Tom Yum Noodle Soup $8.50 Classic Thai spicy and sour soup with flat rice noodles Fried Kway Teow $8.50 Our own special recipe of minced pork blended with olives, over steamed rice Crabmeat or Prawn Fried Rice

Cooking Chiang Mai by NathaN FoNg DriveN out oF BaNgkok By FlooDs, NathaN Discovers thailaND’s BeautiFul North. 30 thailand taste& travel international octoBer–DecemBer 2012

RICE CUBE’S SAUTEED DISHES (L) (D) Chiang Mai Noodle* 7.95 8.95 A famous dish from the North of Thailand, chicken, broccoli, red onion in house curry sauce. Boat Trip Noodle Soup 7.95 9.50 Country style, boiled Rice noodle, bean sprout, broccoli, fresh basil leafs in tender beef soup.