Chiang Mai Massage – Welcome to Chiang Mai

By | December 6, 2013

What’s the first thing you’ll want to do when you arrive to Thailand? How can you get over the post flight, aches and pains? The Thai Institute offers in-dep…

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9 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Massage – Welcome to Chiang Mai

  1. ThaiInstitute

    Anywhere from $3-10 USD. All depends on where and by whom. This one was
    only $3 since its up north in Chiang mai, much lower cost.

  2. paulinho da bahia

    Correct if I’m wrong, from what I saw in some of your videos on your
    channel, you became a naturalized Thai, is it true?

  3. ThaiInstitute

    Nope, not yet. That requires a very long process while living in Thailand.

  4. lamaisondumassage

    Hello David, could you please share the address of Phi Pa in CM ? It’s been
    more than 2 years that i didn’t go to CM and i will return next winter 🙂
    I’d like then to entrust my body to a reliable masseur. Thank you in advance

  5. ThaiInstitute

    Hi lamaisondumassage, we have lots connection with P’Pa. She has moved out
    of the area and we are unsure where see is a this time. Have fun sampling
    all the massage around CM. That’s part of the fun. As with lots of Thais,
    they live in the moment and P’Pa has moved on…..

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