Chiang Mai & Mae Hong Son Provinces, Thailand

By | November 22, 2013


chiang mai

23 thoughts on “Chiang Mai & Mae Hong Son Provinces, Thailand

  1. StephanATW

    Thanks!! It’s just some clever video editing to get that “explorer” feel to
    the video. There were a lot of vehicles on the road, including opposite
    traffic! But for me it’s about seeing my sister ride motorbike and enjoy
    the beautiful scenery, so i only selected shots that gave me that
    impression. Check out my Krabi video, looks deserted but it was actually
    flooded with tourist. It’s amazing what a bit of cutting can do for the
    look and feel of a short video 😀

  2. GrizzlyRecoveryZone1

    Great video. Thumbs up for the Asian Bruce Springsteen at 4:20!

  3. Zeus Aviary

    Im in love with Northern Thailand. Very beautiful

  4. StephanATW

    Thanks a lot! Hope you have a great time up in CM with your daughter,
    Chiang Rai province is very nice too, only 3 hours away by bus, definitely
    worth checking out also. The first song is Mr Big – Shine btw.

  5. StephanATW

    Thanks a bunch Ros!! I used a Panadonic HDC-TM700 and HDC-TM900 for this
    video and all my other videos. I produced the videos with Sony Vegas and
    the actual encoding with MeGUI in the x264 codec for maximum quality!

  6. Jean-Luc Streff

    For those who are interested where I actually stay in Thailand… It’s not
    at beach nor near Bangkok, it’s in the high north in a less populated and
    more pristine region. This little clip shows pretty well how it looks
    around Chiang Mai and further north, to the myanmar/Burmese border….
    enjoy 😉 Chiang Mai & Mae Hong Son Provinces, Thailand

  7. David Goodman

    great vid,,, but ur riding on the left ????

  8. StephanATW

    In Thailand you drive on the left side of the road, unless you don’t want
    to cross the 8 lane roads. Then you drive on the right side, but a lot
    slower so oncoming traffic can avoid you 😉

  9. Chris84Redfield

    only 2 months and I’ll be there with my Thai gf <3

  10. TaeyoNz

    nice video..will visit chiang mai soon

  11. redneck500

    Can you get “REAL” bikes over there like HDs or fullsize 1500 vulcans or

  12. StephanATW

    I’ve seen a countless motorbike variations up in Chiang Mai, plenty of
    rental companies to choose from. I must say that choppers and Japanese
    sport bikes are useless in the mountains, as i’ve overtaken plenty on my
    110cc Honda Wave. Those are just as fast but more manoeuvrable in the
    mountains, high-way is a different story though.

  13. redneck500

    Thats cool. I like choppers and cruisers. I want to go over there for a
    visit. I’m a little nervous though because they don’t have a bill of rights
    over there, and I feel like things could get nasty quick! lol Although, the
    thought of being able to go over there and not have to pay so much to live
    feels very tempting..

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