Chiang Mai in Thailand

By | December 26, 2013

by Lena Santos

The natural beauty of Northern Thailand awaits you!

The natural beauty of Northern Thailand awaits you!

For the majority of tourists before, Bangkok is Thailand and Thailand was Phuket. Today, more tourists and seasoned travelers are exploring Northern Thailand to experience a different kind of high.

The beautiful and picturesque mountains and authentic Hilltribe culture of the north are fast becoming travel destinations. Chiang Mai is the unofficial capital of Northern Thailand. The city is close to 700 kilometers away from Bangkok. If you are anywhere near Bangkok, travel to Chiang Mai is easy with direct flight,air-conditioned buses or train rides your main options.

Chiang Mai is considered the cool capital of Thailand. Cool not because it’s actually cold but because of the cooler nightime air from December to February brought on by the Siberian cold front.

Chiang Mai Weather is typically tropical where it’s very hot in the late Spring & Summer, hot and wet in the rainy season and hot at day time and nippy at night during the cool season. The cool season is from December to February at times extending up to March. The hot season is from April to June and the wet season is from July to November.

The cool season is the best time to visit Chiang Mai. If you’re from a more temperate zone, the cool nights of Chiang Mai is nothing compared to the cold winter nights of your country. However, packing a light jacket and some warm clothing is still advisable especially if you have plans to do some mountain or jungle Trekking. Don’t forget your summer outfits as cool nippy nights do not translate to cool days. Of course not everyone can pack up their bags and catch the cool season of Chiang Mai.

If you have to go during the hot season, be prepared for the really hot and humid air of Chiang Mai weather. Generally speaking, Northern Thailand’s climate is more temperate than Southern and Central Thailand.

The Monsoon or Rainy Season in Thailand corresponds to the Northern hemisphere’s summer season. The wet season in Thailand does not mean it rains 24/7.The rain usually falls in late afternoons, just enough to cool down the hot pavement. The wet season does not mean cooler temperature though. It just means hot and wet climate. At any rate, the rainy season is still a pleasant and enjoyable time to visit Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is not just all about mountain trekking and visiting the hilltribes,with more than 300 beautiful Buddhist temples within the city limits, there is something to do & see everyday of the year.