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Chiang Mai University, Thailand Gender Studies “Gender, Text, and Context” COURSE INFORMATION 3 credits | 45 contact hours Thailand. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press. Totman, Richard (2003). The Third Sex: Kathoey: Thailand's Ladyboys.

11 3 The Chiang Mai Initiative The leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, profoundly resentful at their treatment by the international community during the

15 ERD Working Paper No. 6 MONETARY AND FINANCIAL COOPERATION IN EAST ASIA: THE CHIANG MAI INITIATIVE AND BEYOND Pradumna B. Rana February 2002 Pradumna B. Rana is the Director of the Regional Economic Monitoring Unit of the Asian Development Bank.

Chiang Mai, Thailand Email: Albertus Hadi PRAMONO Degree Fellow Education Program East-West Center editors reassembled in Honolulu in October 2004 to write papers based on what they learned from their research. The

Honolulu Kauai Lihue Maui Wailuku Waipahu Idaho Boise 208 Burley Caldwell Coeur D Alene Coeur D'Alene Earls Restaurant – Broadway 901 West Broadway Listel Vancouver Hotel Chiang Mai Ching Rai Chonburi Chonburi(Pattaya) Chonburi(Sriracha) Chumphon Kanchanaburi Karasin

A. and M. Uysal. Restaurant Owners' Attitudes toward the Disabled and the Parks and Natural Areas. Travel Research: Globalization the Pacific Rim and Beyond. The 20th TTRA Annual Proceedings, Honolulu, Hawaii May 24-27, 2011. Chiang Mai, Thailand. Invited as Keynote Note

Carrols Restaurant Group Carruth, Rae Chiang Mai (Thailand) Chiapas (Mexico)

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