Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013

By | November 28, 2013

Membership site now open: Chiang Mai, Thailand, is often known in many circles as the Rose of the North, but it really comes to…

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21 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013

  1. Stephen Monash

    A little flowery at first but then it bloomed – well done buddy heheheget
    it hahah -m,m – anyway bonsai!

  2. jono goode

    A very big thank you for yet another imformative video. A true pleasure to

  3. Tmaczwl78

    We only saw the end of the parade…but I did see one of the ladies in a
    huge dress fall trying to get into a car. She was fine, just a bit

  4. Svein Arne Grønnevik

    Thanks for the video, JC! It seems to be a lot of beautiful flowers of all
    kind to see there… 😉 Love that glass music!

  5. Choi Lu

    time goes by so fast, you covered this festival last year and now its back

  6. Roger Lucarelli

    Good to see another aspect of Thai life. Seems that CM always has something
    going on. Can’t wait to see for myself. Thanks JC

  7. Bearcat9731

    Great camera work J.C. Brings back fond memories of my visit to the Royal
    Flower Festival in C.M. in November, 2006. My blog about it in on Travbuddy
    was entitled “A Thai Odyssey”.

  8. nelco69

    Hi JC. Another excellent video. This beautiful festival is just another
    reminder of the amazing variety that there is in Thailand, which is why i
    am always amazed when i see people leaving comments that they were bored
    while they were in Thailand, bored!! how is it possible to get bored in
    Thailand, there is always something going on, maybe they spent their
    holiday in there room, JC thank you again for all of your hard work, your
    video’s show the variety as well as the options. Take Care Neil.

  9. adesades01

    Don’t know why i’ve usually got a smile watching your vids JC, the way you
    discretely intrude on the locals lifestyles, then at 12:10 i snorted coffee
    out my nose, lol. did she call you tiruk, 555.

  10. retirecheapjc

    I think you mean the Royal Flora Festival. That only happens every 4 years
    I think. See what I mean. We have so many. This is a different one. I never
    covered this one before. This is every year.

  11. cameron E

    another great Video JC i would love to see the flower festival one day.

  12. Jon Magno

    Amazing vibrant gleeful colors jumping out of the flora species, JC. Thanks
    for sharing this clip. The plants appear to grow with no effort at all. Am
    sure it requires lots of work caring for them. The crowds also appear to be
    not so ‘madding.’ gorgeous video. Thanks.


    Thank you so much JC!! Thailand, especially Chiang Mai, just teems with so
    much life; The beautiful flowers, the people, the food, it’s a feast for
    the eyes and the soul…:)

  14. MAntiSystem

    Cool so this is Thailand’s Rose Parade!^-^

  15. 70Ian70

    Great video J.C. Keep up the great work.

  16. Tom D

    Amazingly beautiful JC. show long does this go on? .

  17. retirecheapjc

    Usually these kinds of festivals run from Thurs or Fri through Sunday.

  18. Gareth Simpson

    Arrived in Chiang Mai yesterday after 3 days in Bangkok. I must admit it is
    a lovely change of pace, and I think the weather is much more comfortable.
    I am still finding my way around the city, but I am absolutely loving it so

  19. retirecheapjc

    Very cool. Enjoy your trip. Check out the great little coffee shop I did
    the video about on Youtube. I think the name of the video is Who Needs

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