Chiang Mai Direct

By | August 6, 2014

Paying ATM or transfer fees. Contact your U.S. bank and your Thai bank to find out about procedures and fees. Option Two: Direct Deposit to a Special Account at Bangkok Bank

Chiang Mai, Thailand [email protected] DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR U.S. GOVERNMENT CHECKS Want to get your money faster? Here’s how to do it with Direct Deposit. These are the direct lines for their headquarters office that

In Chiang Mai Deadline for Direct Deposit of Federal Benefits Checks STEP Enrollment Medical Insurance Legalization Office Chiang Mai has many one-way streets, and some have narrow contra-flow lanes marked out for bikes and motorcycles

Flight Information to Chiang Mai International Airport Important Reminder Before buying your ticket, please check the following information with your travel agents:

Direct Flight Airlines & Routes Freq Capacity Per flight Seats Monthly Yearly Garu da Indonesia Jakarta – Bangkok Total Surabaya-Singapore From Singapore to: Chiang Mai Ko Samui Phuket 53 weekly 128 325,632 Air Asia Bali-KL Banda Aceh-KL Bandung-KL Balikpapan-KL Jakarta-KL

Singapore Thailand Malaysia Hong Kong F1 15 — 8000 — 7000 — 6000 — 9000 — 9000 Phuket Krabi Koh Samui Chiang Mai Chiang Rai FP 9 3000 — — 7000 — 6000 — 9000 — 9000 Direct Flight Direct Flight Direct Flight Direct Flight

Imagine a direct flight from Kuala Convention Centre in Singapore for another three years. Source: BERNAMA Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and Medan in Indonesia. It is also launching operations in the Philippines later this year.

LEFT: Chiang Mai Night Market ABOVE: The Tigers are like pets, ask Sylvia ! Day 1: flight on Singapore Airlines direct to Singapore, after a short stop we board your overnight flight to your Australian city. Overnight: In Flight