Chiang Mai Community Church

By | August 7, 2014

community committed to Jesus Christ. Lanna Coffee Project Committee: Shirlene Leong Nakano, Chair Carolyn Hee contribution will support in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the House of LoveHouse of Love, First Chinese Baptist Church™s Lanna Coffee Project is offering two blends: Premium (dark roast

Leadership Team at the Chiang Mai Community Church, and offers art and prayer retreats for women in the community. Notes: Communication Card nameemail phone Prayer and praise requests (or email Contact me about: o confidential prayer

The diplomatic/consular community in Chiang Mai was small, consisting of us and the Indian and Japanese consuls. The Chinese had not yet established a post in Chiang Mai. Amnuay at this Thai-speaking congregation under the Church of Christ in Thailand.)

With anyone from our school community.) CONTACT INFORMATION Primary Phone: Primary E-mail: Home Phone: Work Phone: please indicate church of membership: Title: Chiang Mai International School

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