Chiang Mai at Night

By | November 25, 2013

Some different scenes of Chiang Mai nightlife The nightbazaar Nightmarket A motorbike drive at night.

chiang mai

15 thoughts on “Chiang Mai at Night

  1. dee mai

    I love the night in chiang mai..different people always shop. I love the
    sea foods and pizza restaurants even thai restaus, I even like to see the
    cutie and creative stuffs of thai people..sooo many..

  2. pfg333

    this is one of best places in thialand, much more relaxed than the
    south,cant wait to get back there. 9 weeks and counting.

  3. erikolsen100

    The same boring melodi playing over and over again

  4. bassplayer40

    Chiang Mai is a very beautiful place, but the video would be so much better
    with no music

  5. 5rumnee

    How many times did that music repeat.pure pain to my poor ears

  6. Tom D

    Interesting video but your panning to fast . It doesnt allow the view time
    to focus and take it all in. Seems like we are always catching up…then
    its gone…

  7. Dave Davis

    I never want to hear that music again for as long as I live. I had to turn
    your video off.

  8. Steve Cox

    was waiting for someone to but in and say sorry for the wait your call is
    important to us.

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