Chiang Mai Apartment Building

By | November 26, 2013

My new place.

chiang mai

12 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Apartment Building

  1. cabralad

    nice video, i am interested in the rental costs for these new condos, they
    look great.

  2. William Harfosh

    If you stay for 6 months or longer they will give you a discount. You can
    get something for around 5,300 Baht easily. Good luck.


    So $168/month for a condo in your building on a 6-month-plus contract.
    Looks great! When you get a chance, please post more videos. We at really love this kind of videos. 🙂

  4. FemmeFarang

    Thanks for sharing. For those unfamiliar with CM, this is a good
    neighbourhood with lots of restaurants and easy access to transit. There’s
    a mall a few blocks away. (BTW, when the lady in the restaurant asked how
    you were and you answered, “Very delicious”!!)

  5. jaquez meov

    were you filming near the Glass Restaurant?

  6. William Harfosh

    I actually had a lot of space in a closet. But I left most of my “stuff” in
    the USA. Thailand is a simple place, bring your flip flops and explore.


    I was at the 71 Export store in November. Too bad it was a bit early for
    lunch. Should have at least stopped in the two restaurants to see what’s on

  8. stitchergary

    It looks like that place is so convenient for everything you need….

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