Chiang Mai -635 Sq. Ft Cheap Affordable Apt. Overlooking Mountains $275

By | December 6, 2013

Membership site now open: I get a lot of requests for more accommodations so here is another one. This is a larger room which i…

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25 thoughts on “Chiang Mai -635 Sq. Ft Cheap Affordable Apt. Overlooking Mountains $275


    Thanks for replying. I need to ask you one more question. My accent is
    strong, from 1 to 10 , 10 the strongest, I would say it is a 7. What about
    teaching computer skill sin English? is that possible???

  2. retirecheapjc

    @MrATLACATL No they don’t need the English for the computer and they have
    great IT departments teaching these skills. But don’t give up on the
    English teaching. I know of a German and an Irish man teaching here in

  3. retirecheapjc

    @MrATLACATL Also another option is to set up online English lessons for the
    Latin students and then just do the online classes from here.


    have you seen Latino people in Thailand? If so, a lot? not many? I am so
    excited about Thailand. America is self destructing with the unemployment,
    bad politics, over population, environmental irresponsibility, etc. thanks
    for your info

  5. retirecheapjc

    @watertonrivers Yea and it’s by the University so there are cheap
    restaurants around there as well as cute University students! Gotta love it!


    @retirecheapjc hmmmm, cute students, well just the people watching alone
    might be nice….:)

  7. retirecheapjc

    @chachris08 Better than that cardboard box under a highway overpass. What
    can you get for $275 back home? Roach infested apt. in a bad neighborhood?
    Keep things in perspective!

  8. retirecheapjc

    @chachris08 No worries. For somebody who only has what I call category one
    or two budgets and has about $600 or $700 it would actually work out pretty
    nice compared to the alternatives back home. Yes it is a little small, but
    here we don’t stay inside so much. Thailand is a very social place. Thanks
    for watching the vids!

  9. zenjim007

    Hi JC; this is the first time I have commented on your site. First off; I
    appreciate how hard you work to make this information available to people
    like me looking for options as you say. I think this place looks great for
    someone like me; who likes bicycling and walking. A bathtub and that little
    kitchen is nice for a single guy like myself who likes to cook a little and
    still be close to inexpensive restaurants. I have 11 more years to go; but
    planning it now. Take care and thank you.

  10. retirecheapjc

    Thank you. I am glad you find the info useful. You will be surprised how
    fast the time flies by. Tubs and kitchens are harder to find in rental
    rooms. So this one is good.

  11. PCWCFA

    This apartment is actually on Google Maps. Look for For-Rest Hill. It’s a
    little out of ways, but this is not the only apartment available in this
    price range. Look also for Malin Residence and Green Hill and P&S Mansion
    2. There are plenty along the main road at this price or below that are
    even more convenient to restaurants and shops. You trade away the separate
    bedroom, but small price to pay for the convenience. Amazing bargains are
    to be had.

  12. hdb00981

    Hi JC, just one q: how is the cobra situation? Not too sound silly, but
    cobras scare the hell outof me. I’ve jumped out of airplanes, climbed the
    peak at Seneca, done lots of crazy things, but snakes…scary.

  13. retirecheapjc

    Join the crowd! Me too. Not a worry unless you are hanging out in the rice
    fields where they like the delicacy of the rice rats.

  14. tony perez

    Hey buddy. I’ll be in Chiang Mai in Oct. will I be able to find a room for
    a month for around $300 US walking distance to town or is this out of the
    question? Thanks hope to see you soon. Tony

  15. retirecheapjc

    Clifton, I haven’t seen any 2 bedrooms. I am sure there are some condos
    with 2 bedrooms but they wouldn’t fit with the Cat 2 or Cat 2 budgets so I
    do not pursue them. Sorry. Maybe a house would be better. Try looking at
    Chiang Mai Properties on the web. I think they could help you.

  16. 2008nadee

    Hokam condo..on Huaykarw road near Chiangmai Phucome hotel ,we used to stay
    there for a month 2bed rooms ,kitchen, living room fitness, and pool you
    can see Doi suthep view form the pool, close to Chiangmai university and
    you can go walking there too. for rent 17,000 B. per month . We had a good
    time during we stayed there

  17. retirecheapjc

    Will you add this to MapaNMore dotcom? This is useful information to share
    with others.

  18. Ryan Darcy

    Hi JC, love your videos and invaluable advice on living cheaply in the land
    of smiles. But…… I’m surprised you haven’t explored the opportunities
    of living in land cheaply too, I understand why people would always like to
    retire and live on the coast in Thailand but there are also amazing
    bargains inland for condos and apartments in beautiful cities like KhonKaen
    and mahasarakhan ,,,,, just a suggestion to you maybe to explore these
    areas and others inland…. THERE’S ALWAYS AN OPTION..

  19. retirecheapjc

    90% of my videos are of the North. I wouldn’t consider that the coast. But
    I think you are speaking of Isaan. And yes I will be making a trip there as

  20. jinn13

    Caves are nice to visit, but would you want to live there?

  21. Stephen Monash

    The Thai builders or designers really have some great design ideas –
    perhaps shaped by their attention to detail – or a seeming innate artistic
    ability. Whatever the reason, I like to copy some of the ideas and apply
    them to my own home – only one problem – getting a builder whose standard
    of craftsmanship is worthy of the ideas.

  22. phpeters87

    I’m assuming most/all utilities are not included except maybe WiFi? Still a
    good price. A similar apt. in San Francisco would cost 10x as much.

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