Chiang Mai 2013

By | November 28, 2013

PLEASE WATCH THIS IN HD!!! 🙂 Compiled a bunch of videos I took when I went to Chiang Mai for a week with my parents, hope you like it! Song: Dream It Up by …

chiang mai

9 thoughts on “Chiang Mai 2013

  1. Ben Son

    Nice! You really can film and edit. Nice photos too keep up the good work!
    Hope to see more.

  2. Fox0803

    Totally inspired and given me idea for my next overseas trip! Awesome
    video! Keep it up, Trudy! 🙂

  3. Direk Chew

    Trudy! That was wonderful! I love how you present the scene by you walking
    legs to the scenery but haha on some scenes I thought you were gonna fall.
    Keep it up Trudy!

  4. Trudy Tan

    haha yeah there was one where i stood too close to the edge of the cliff i
    didn’t realize how scary it was! too focused on the video hahaha. thank you
    guo ye ^^

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