Cheap Thai street food

By | November 30, 2013

An exploration of various food choices in Thailand on a budget. This video was made by XploreAsia, an adventure and education company in Thailand. We offer T…

thai street food

25 thoughts on “Cheap Thai street food

  1. Kanokwan Rakdee

    I’m Thai, and I don’t think that would be any problem to eat the street
    food. There are a lot of food we can buy and it’s really delicious more
    than some expensive restaurant. No need to combine with the value of money.
    It’s better when you try something more typical and just enjoy with it. 😀

  2. Philomena Meow

    Dear Paul Erricson. I’m Thai and feel that your opinion on street food in
    Thailand is ridiculous. There are various quality on street food in
    Thailand. If you know every nook and cranny of Thailand you will never said
    that Thai food under 50 baht is low quality.

  3. May Dhor

    Your video has no substance but rather a insult on the Thai food and the
    obvious difference on the American dollar and Thai currency. Your video is
    so disrespectful, I couldn’t watch all of it. It’s because of people like
    you that the world hate us American. Every Thai works hard for their money
    and they should not be degrade by your videos.

  4. May Dhor

    Since you’re so interested in money, do video on the difference of currency
    between the euro and the US dollar.

  5. Borito kahn

    I really enjoy you clip and you did really good job. For me value meal
    sound good,Good food low cost, nothing wrong with it.

  6. Daniel Pereira

    This host, he looks like the character “Rusty” from the show “GREEK”.
    Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees this..


    just curious..what was the title of the video? 😛 🙂


    just curious..what was the title of the video? 😛 🙂

  9. TheKingtut777

    What a charming man. really enjoyed this vedio!!

  10. maximilllllien

    please what s your camera? it s a nice sharp image, nice colour rended.

  11. Pyu Htwe

    This makes me wanna go back to Thailand cuz in America, they don’t have
    this. :[

  12. RKotcha

    I think the concept of “street food” between you and most Thai people is
    very different. Here, there are some some street vendors that people
    literally queue up for hours to get good food in a plastic bag, whereas the
    fancy restaurant down the street is empty. Good food is good food,
    regardless of where and how you eat.


    I live in Thailand… I also film foods and recipes… So happy for it!!!

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