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By | December 8, 2013

by Keith
(Brisbane, Australia)



Tips for a Stress Free Flight

Whether for business or pleasure, flying is often the most stressful part of a trip. By following these simple tips and staying relaxed, you will be more likely to have a positive flying experience.

1. More airlines have been pushing customers to make their trip reservations online. This saves the traveler long waits in a phone queue and saves the airlines money. Many airlines now charge a $20-$30reservation fee if you book your tickets by phone.

2. The easiest way to save money and stress on airline travel is to book your tickets as early as possible – or at least one month in advance. While this is not always possible (especially with business travelers) it is your best chance for cheap flight deals.

3. While it can be more expensive, booking nonstop flights can often pay off in peace of mind. Having too long a layover will leave you bored and too short a layover will force you to race through the airport looking for your gate.

4. Booking your tickets ahead of time gives you the opportunity to have your pick of seats. An aisle seat lets you get into and out of your seat more easily and gives you the opportunity to get up and stretch your legs.

5. If you can, only packing carry-on bags will save you a great deal of stress. There is nothing worse than having a checked bag lost by the airline. Having to wait for the airline to deliver your bag wastes time when you should be enjoying your vacation.

6. Waiting in long check-in and security lines can take hours. Try to get to the airport at least two hours in advance for domestic flights and three hours for international flights to avoid running late.

7. If you know you usually get airsick, take a Dramamine pill ahead of time. Usually used for seasickness, Dramamine is useful for all forms of motion sickness and can help you get to sleep on the plane.

8. While most airlines serve a beverage in flight, bringing your own water lets you take a drink whenever you need it. The air in the plane’s cabin is often dry and stale and drinking water can help with ear popping due to changes in air pressure.

9. Sitting in your seat during long flights can lead to painful leg cramps. Try to stand up and walk to the lavatory once an hour on your flight. Having booked an aisle seat will make it easier to stretch your legs.

10. Rushing to get off the plane will just lead to you standing in place for a few minutes until they authorize passengers to depart. Staying in your seat lets you avoid the crowd and gives you more time to gather your carry-on bags and personal items.

These tips are written by Keith who is a passionate traveler who never leaves his apartment without a camera and passport. He can be found at where he started writing recently.