Care for Dogs – Chiang Mai

By | September 18, 2013

Care for Dogs





“Dogs, Dogs & More Dogs!”

Left to roam the neighbourhoods without any proper breeding control, many of these soi dogs are starving, sick, dying, abused, frightened, homeless, alone and unloved.

Something had to be done! In June 2006, “Care for Dogs” was established by some kind and willing individuals with a vision to alleviate the suffering of at least some of these animals in Northern Thailand

Care for Dogs - Chiang Mai

Their mission statement is very simple:
“To provide medical assistance including sterilizations, food, shelter and safety, love and companionship to ANY homeless dogs in need within the region.”

The shelter, which is situated in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, houses up to 130 dogs at any one time. Numbers fluctuate constantly due to dogs being dumped, accident victims coming in and various other factors affecting the daily head count. The work must go on!

Care for Dogs is a non- profitorganisation whose daily existence is reliant on international financial assistance, local donations and a team of hard working and selfless volunteers.


Care for Dogs - Chiang Mai

In addition to the rescue and care of dogs, the shelter also operates an adoption scheme and has developed an educational programme
“Professor Paws”, that it takes to schools with the aim of teaching schoolchildren about the necessities and requirements of being a responsible pet owner.

It is our goal that this fundamental knowledge, gained at school level, will be carried through the future into adulthood and hopefully improve the lives of all animals here in Thailand.

It’s not all serious stuff at Care for Dogs! Sure there are the boring day to day drudgeries like taking your medicine or getting a shot but these furry residents and guests get walked regularly, have as many cool and refreshing baths as they want and play as much as they desire.


It’s a very communal atmosphere in the compound and there are so many diverse and lovable characters amongst all of the dogs that it makes it so easy to fall in love with every single one of them! Most are able to socialize all day long! It is only the sick, vulnerable or contagious ones that are isolated.

Really, if any one of us was a dog and had the choice between this hot, dusty, caring, safe shelter or the street, I am pretty sure I know which way we would go! Give me a Sala, an umbrella, food and love any day!. Care for Dogs - Chiang MaiIf you are looking for a different experience whilst you are staying in Chiang Mai, why not consider coming out to Care for Dogs for a visit. Everybody is welcome here and there really are no prerequisites to you calling in.

All that you need is some spare time on your hands and a genuine love of animals, especially dogs. Anyone who is travelling and missing their own dogs is also welcome to come out for a fix!.

If you are living in Chiang Mai, why not give some thought to adopting one of our amazing and friendly mutts? It really is an easy process. Just come out to Care for Dogs, walk around the shelter, get smothered with affection, fall in love, take your new friend to the departure lounge, sign out and go home together.

It’s that simple! You can have a look at some of the adoption candidates and view a detailed map of the area on our website.


Heres How You Can Help:
Care for Dogs is a non-profit organisation, and as such relies upon the generosity of others to ensure that it has sufficient funding to carry out it’s much needed work.

If you have enjoyed this article, and would like to help them to successfully continue their work, all you have to do is press the “Donate” button, or click on one of the “More” links and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!, all donations whether small or large are always gratefully received.

Please click here to visit the Care for Dogs website.

Email them at:

Or call them on: 084 752 5255(English) or 086 913 8701(Thai)

“Saving one dog won’t change the world but surely, the world will change for that one dog.”