Buying Meat in Chiang Mai

By | November 24, 2013

by Wernher Oberholzer
(South Africa)

Tops Supermarket part of Robinsons Department Stores

Tops Supermarket part of Robinsons Department Stores


Can you buy lamb chops,chicken,steak and maize mea(Corn) in supermarkets and is it expensive?.

Many thanks


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Buying Meat in Chiang Mai

Buying Meat in Thailand
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Werner

Many thanks for your question posted through our website forum.

You can buy excellent chicken & lots of different types of steaks at very reasonable prices in Thailand, lamb is an import usually from Australia or New Zealand & is expensive, Maize meal is widely available & cheap as it’s grown in Thailand.

The best places for steaks & to try & find lamb are either the Western supermarkets such as Carrefour, Tesco or Makro, or alternatively “Westernised” stores that have food malls such as Tops Supermarkets which can be found in Robinsons Stores which are typically located in Central Shopping Malls.

If you are in Chiang Mai, you can also try Rimping Supermarket near Sansai, they carry a wide range of Western meats.

Buying Meat in Chiang Mai
by: Anonymous

Northern Farms on Huay Kaew Road, on the left side of the street, past central shopping mall, heading towards Doi Suthep, also has a very good selection of meat and some assorted import items.

Best Beef
by: Sausage King Co.,Ltd

Hi we at Sausage King Company only use the best beef money can buy for our pies,Its the KU-Brand The same as Rimping supermarket sell,this is aged beef and very good.