Buying 3 course dinner for 50 baht in Chiang Mai Thailand.

By | December 8, 2013

See what precooked Thai food you can buy at the market. Here I bought a 3 course meal and rice for .20USD or 50 Thai baht. Why cook at home when you can bu…

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18 thoughts on “Buying 3 course dinner for 50 baht in Chiang Mai Thailand.

  1. orpheusABC

    Why cook at home? Because that food is full of MSG, pesticides and the
    cheapest meats available, coming from slaughter factories where animals go
    to live the best part of their lives, as their farm caged life was even
    much worse. And no, I’m not a vegetarian, and yes, I do live in Chiang Mai.

  2. Ove Todal

    i bet the meat comes from the same market, sooo… i would go for premade

  3. Randy Gaudet

    You don’t know that. I have been eating from markets living in Asia for 40
    years and Chiang Mai for 25 years, I am very healthy. I ride my bike for an
    hour every morning and go for weight training 3 days a week. I am 65 years
    old and my doctor says I have a body of a 40 year old. Excellent low
    cholesterol count with high LDL’s. Blood pressure average 109/64, heart
    rate at rest 46. Nothing wrong with the food.

  4. Svein Arne Grønnevik

    Very nice! Where in CM is these food stalls located?

  5. Randy Gaudet

    The vendors set up around 5 PM and stop when they run out of food usually
    around 8PM. There are also vendors who set up tables so you can eat on the
    spot rather than taking food home. These are located near the evening
    markets all over the city.

  6. ngatiwaihitman

    I miss Chiangmai!! Went there for 2 weeks, and loved it!! ALOT cheaper than
    Phuket and not much farang which I enjoyed. Hope to get back there soon, at
    least for a month!!

  7. rob noneatall

    thank you for your Vid, seems you speak good thai, that must help too

  8. moewishaw

    ur thais good. how long did that take to learn to be as fluent?

  9. moewishaw

    is the street food safe? how can they sell so cheap and still make a living?

  10. Randy Gaudet

    I have been living in Chiang Mai for 25 years. I hang out with Thai people
    not the the tourist or expat bars so I speak Thai all day every day.

  11. Randy Gaudet

    I have been eating street food for 25 years. It is mostly vegetables and
    they sell a lot so cheap.

  12. Steph S

    Amazing thanks for sharing. Do you work in thailand too since you have been
    there 25 years or just retired? Its so awesome that they sell food so
    cheap, I am going to thailand for my first time this Nov and will visit
    Chiang Mai. My husband is from nong bua lamphu originally

  13. Ray Rumming

    Can i get a shirt made in a local tailors in Chiang Mai cheaper than in
    BKK?. i shall be there in Jan 2014.


    I live in chiang mai and love it… the street food is amazing… but i
    love cooking too… kun poot thai geng mak 

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